Limited resources as a basic principle of economics

limited resources and the immensity of the economic needs are the basis of all movements of the economy and expresses the basic principle of economic theory.In fact, the whole economy is to ensure, to examine how a society with scarce resources decides what to produce, how and for whom.The main purpose of the production - the most efficient use of their economic opportunities to best meet the material needs of man.

limited resources means that the entire amount of opportunities that are available to individual countries, companies, families, as well as the whole of humanity will not be enough to satisfy the whole range of needs of society.

arable agricultural land, areas for placement of production facilities, water, minerals and fossils, air basin, flora and fauna - all of this has finite limits and a limited ability to recover, and largely relates to do irreparableNatural Resources.

work of people as a resource has its limits and is determined by the total number of workers, as well as the desire and the ability to work, to labor and duration of labor time.

means of production also demonstrates the limited resources, since the number of buildings, industrial plants, machinery, equipment and production materials are not unlimited.The cycle of design, development and effective use of the means of production inevitably leads to wear and eliminate the use and disposal.Secondary resources arising due to processing, allow only partially compensate and recover resources previously expended.

It seems that at least the possibility of human knowledge should be unlimited.However, in practice the volume of knowledge, information, and other information resources is clearly insufficient both in quality and quantity to address the pressing economic problems.

limited resources manifests itself in relation to finance.Money, as the equivalent of natural resources also have a limit.

Thus, we see that the problem is global and affects all areas of human and natural features.In the foreign literature it is called the fundamental and is one of the defining.The main task, according to some authors, is placed before the economic science - is to find ways to increase the consumption effect and usefulness, given the limited resources that should be used for best results.

However, for all its importance, is not the principle of limited absolute.With regard to a range of possibilities limited resources it is not rigid because manifested their interchangeability.In such cases, the main challenge is to how to effectively use available sufficient resources.For example, in the Russian economy of the set of natural resources is not enough because of the extremely inefficient use them.

limited economic resources and demonstrates to us that people always want to have more than they can get at the real-world opportunities.This contradiction between the needs and possibilities of forming a rod around which all economic activities.Economic farms of all sizes - from families to large corporations constantly have to choose what to buy, what to produce and how to spend their resources, which are always limited.