Financial control and its important role for coordinating the work of state bodies

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Financial control - a procedure aimed at compliance with the law and expediency of the formation and use of all forms of funds for effective economic and social development of the country and its individual regions.

This type of control is the guarantor of the legitimacy of the state in the financial sector.

main tasks of financial control is considered to be the following:

- verification of compliance with the relevant obligations as the citizens of organizations or the state, and to the executive authorities;

- validation of the use of financial resources of public enterprises and organizations;

- check the accuracy of the calculations and other financial transactions undertaken, as well as compliance with rules governing the storage of money;

- identification of internal production reserves;

- anticipation and elimination of violations of financial discipline.

financial control effectively strengthen financial discipline of any organization, and prevents the emergence of all kinds of risks that are directly related to the violation of applicable law.His role in the socio-economic aspects of the state is expressed in a certain procedure of its holding.This is, firstly, must be sufficiently tight rein on fiscal authorities of compliance with the rule of law in the financial organizations and institutions.Secondly, all the activities of state-owned enterprises must be economically feasible and with the help of financial control fully proved the effectiveness of and compliance with the existing tasks of the state.

Financial Control should serve as a guarantor of legality and appropriateness of the financial activities undertaken by state-owned enterprises, organizations and is one of the links of the entire financial system.This type of monitoring is to ensure the timeliness, completeness and correctness of income generation, as well as the accuracy and reasonableness of costs.For the successful socio-economic policies and the smooth functioning of the apparatus of government financial control must be effective and comprehensive.

financial control in the Russian Federation is presented in the form of a mechanism to ensure the legitimacy of the activities of municipalities and other government representatives.The main role in controlling the process of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation assigned to the Accounting Chamber, which is to monitor the internal and external debt of the state and the federal budget.

Financial control can be classified according to the reason for its implementation.

For example, depending on the length of it can be advanced and current.The preliminary control plays an important role in the prevention or early detection of violations of financial discipline and carried out before the actual commission of monetary transactions.Current control (has another name - operative) is carried out directly during financial transactions, and has already sent to the identification and elimination of all violations in the field of public enterprises.

also financial control can be mandatory and initiative.Possible classification and according to the list of regulatory authorities.In this case, it is possible to allocate these types: control of the president, government, executive power and local self-government, departmental and public audit.