Patchy alopecia in women.

The fair sex is always proud of beautiful hair, so each of them dream of a luxurious head of hair.It is an integral part of women's nature.It is for this reason that women horrifies process called patchy baldness.In women, it is, unfortunately, not uncommon.According to statistics, only in our country, twelve percent of the female desperately struggling with similar troubles.General pathology, which is accompanied by loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body, just called focal hair loss.This phenomenon has a huge number of reasons.However, the most likely of them are considered diseases of the thyroid gland and disorders that cause these diseases.Furthermore, some infections, hormonal failure, vitiligo, genetic predisposition and strong stresses supplement this list.Converge reason has alopecia in children.

If you look at the Internet, we can see that a huge number of people are interested in the theme of "baldness in women."The reasons for this process, as has been said, can vary.However, at the moment it is still not known why the fair sex at some point begin to lose hair dramatically.You can only talk about the factors which lead to the emergence of such diseases as alopecia areata.Most patients have a variety of autoimmune conditions.In some situations, your body begins to take its own cells as foreign.As a result, he fights with himself.We can not say that such a breach in the immune system also does not arise by itself.To him, as a rule, result in severe stress, infectious diseases and their consequences, the lack of useful trace elements, vitamins and more.Often there is a special susceptibility at the genetic level to the disease, which is called Alopecia areata.In women, causes include hormonal disorders, and early menopause.Besides, we all know that the environment definitely affects the health of the whole person.Naturally, this affects the hair and nails, and skin.

Emotional trauma, severe stress situations - all this can provoke such unpleasant phenomenon of hair loss in women.The reasons that influenced the development of such a process should always be installed before the woman begins to deal with it the first signs.To help in this can only be experienced doctor.It is worth noting that most drug therapy in this situation is generally not required.Cases of self-sufficient and speedy recovery.As for exactly the type of emotional trauma, which results in hair loss, women are often required by a qualified specialist.

According to statistics, about half of women who have hit more than forty percent of hair, recover without any medical treatment of special means for baldness.To this end the treatment of the disease itself is most often aimed specifically at stimulating the growth of new hair.However, in this case depends on the severity of the process, duration of disease, the individual characteristics of the patient and her age.

If we talk about the treatment of the disease called alopecia in women, the causes of which can be identified only by a qualified physician, there is most likely to use drugs such as minoxidil.This means immunotropic type.In addition, in the treatment of baldness great help treatments using essential oils of rosemary, thyme and masks on their basis.For their preparation is enough to add to the egg yolk and honey drip selected oil.Regular maintenance combined with measures prescribed by the doctor is required to be returned to your hair, and thus confidence.