Gel anthill: types and dignity

Animal lovers now have the opportunity to keep at home, not only dogs, cats, parrots and fish, but also very small fauna - ants.Watch their interesting life, and allows the development of an original device - Gel anthill.

What is it?

Ant Farm is a glass tank, which is filled with a unique gel, developed by scientists at NASA.It was created to study the behavior of ants in space.It is absolutely harmless to the health of a product that is both insect habitat and source of food.The basis of this gel is algae.The ants build tunnels from it that are perfectly viewed from different angles, and it allows you to watch all that is going on inside.

transparent gel ant resembles a regular aquarium with fish.Only it is not required to clean, change the water and feed the inhabitants living in it.He closed with a lid, it excludes the possibility for the ants to get out.

Where to get the ants?

There are several ways of how to get future pets.The easiest - it's own catch ants in the nearby woods.But this can only be done during the warmer months.In addition to ravage anthills is not recommended.Nowadays there are more reasonable ways to find tenants in your ant gel.At any time, the ants can be purchased from a pet store or near the market.There are a number of specialized online stores that sell similar goods for home delivery, and there are some websites where vendors offer a choice of insects at the right price.

feeding and caring

ants will live longer if you follow some basic rules.Although the inhabitants of this unique home and eat the gel is still a good idea to feed them occasionally throwing an anthill caterpillar, bug or just a piece of meat.Be sure to periodically required to ventilate the tank by opening the lid briefly and providing air flow.It is necessary to ensure that insects do not run away.

Gel should always be in abundance.It is not necessary to prevent overcrowding in the tank.Too many insects in a confined space significantly reduce their lifespan.Recommended populate only one species of ant in order to avoid the destruction of some by others.Transparent gel ant should not be put in place, illuminated by the sun.Ants seem to tolerate some shading and coolness.Under favorable conditions, their life will be 3-4 months.

Reproduction ants

This process in captivity is quite different than in the wild.In nature, in the summer the ants observed years, when out of the anthill fly winged females and female woodcocks.During this period, and fertilization takes place, after which the male dies and the female looks for a place to nest, where he formed a new colony.It lays eggs there, after some time of which appear worker ants.They begin to build housing and care for the offspring.

Gel anthill eliminates the possibility of flying insects.But if you are lucky enough to find a female that has already passed this period in his life and is able to lay eggs, it will be possible to observe the whole process of the birth of a new generation of ants.First, the eggs turn into larvae.Insects are cared for, feed is transferred from one place to another.After some time the larvae become pupae, which later opened adult ants, and the light has a new resident of the anthill.During this period it takes about six weeks.

If you can not get fertilized female, you can try to find the eggs or larvae of ants.

What are gel ant?

Aquariums differ in many respects.They come in different sizes, equipment and design.There are ant farm backlit.It allows you to see well even the smallest inhabitants of the aquarium.

For those who are just starting to watch the insects and they are not planning to have more than 5 pieces, the most appropriate is a transparent gel ant "History".Up to twenty ants could live in larger sized farm called "Standard".More well-maintained, thanks to the built-in lighting, looks model "Dream", which allows to observe the ants, even at night.The main elements that make up the gel ant (pictured below) - is the aquarium itself, made of Plexiglas and gel filling.Some kits have a magnifying glass and shelves that can be used to adjust the tunnels.

Benefits gel ant

This original aquarium looks very stylish and is able to decorate any interior.It catches the eye and is currently admiration.

gel mass, used as a filler, is simultaneously ants and building materials, and food, ie. A. Made of edible seaweed.Thus the shelf life of the gel is large enough - 4 years.

Due to the fact that the ants are constantly blaze new tunnels and tunnels, ant gel changes its appearance every day.

This is a great and original gift for the child and for those who have a passion for nature.

Have this farm house may even very busy people, who because of lack of time can not afford to keep the apartment no pets.They do not require any special care or feeding ants inhabiting ant gel.Reviews owners confirm that the tank can serve for many years, if necessary, it can always be filled with gel and new inhabitants.