How to clean your face at home in just a few minutes

- We are what we eat.All the negative aspects are reflected in the human face.That is, if a person eats properly, then his skin shines with clarity and brilliance.If it sometimes allows itself some "mischief", then they will not pass without a trace.Therefore, cleansing the face - this is the procedure that must be done every person at least once a month.

Today, more people live on an incredibly tight schedule, where every minute counts.And even some basic things simply did not have enough time.So do not be superfluous to learn how to clean your face at home in just a few minutes.This will tell later.

First we need to fully explore his face.That is, to study the problem areas, the type of skin, and only then choose the right care.But there are general rules that should be followed during any cleansing the skin:

  1. Removing makeup.
  2. Skin preparation - steaming, cleansing, use scrubs.
  3. Application nourishing masks or creams.

Consider how clean your face at home, with examples of different types of skin.

Oily skin

People who have oily skin are often faced with the problem of how to clean the face of blackheads.After all, it is often time to clogged sebum, forming a pimple or acne comedones.In this case, it helps mask the lemon juice or citrus.For its preparation requires very flesh of fruits and half a teaspoon of honey.This mask is uniformly applied to the entire face and hold for as long as possible.

Fruit acids are also used for deep peeling.

Dry skin

This type of skin requires a good cleansing before steaming the face and supplementary feeding.For decoupling you can use either the infusion of herbs or flavored water.Next, using a soft jelly need to remove all the excess skin and then apply rich cream.Here, he plays the role of masks.After 15 minutes, wash with cool water is necessary in order to close all the pores are not clogged and the remnants of the cream.You can also use a piece of ice, but for young skin, this method is not suitable.

Dry skin needs to be nourished daily.To do this you need to choose the right cream, it is desirable that he was the most common, such as children.Follow the application layer - too fat or, conversely, thin, no good for the skin will bring.

Combination skin

How to clean your face at home with this type of skin - the question is very popular and requires special consideration.It is the most common option.The peculiarity of it is that the face is divided into zones - the nose more oily than the chin, forehead drier, etc.Therefore, how to choose the right care, how to clean the face of home-help tips below.

Given the characteristics of the skin, for a start it's still worth a good steam face.Then apply a mask for deep cleansing.A good option would be a clay mask - it will dry and in the right places, and filled with moisture where it is lacking.Buy clay at any pharmacy.This mask is best wash off with plenty of water, nowhere to nothing left.If the skin is too polluted, then it is necessary to use a scrub that also can be made from scrap materials, for example, from the thick coffee.It will pull out all the toxins from the skin and give a velvety and soft.After the scrub is required to soften the skin.For this use olive oil.It must be applied thinly.Reserve a mask for a few minutes and then wash off with cool water.

After such cleaning at home, the skin shines again, health and cleanliness.Check the condition of your skin, and it will certainly thank you.