Electrician Job Description: responsibilities, rights, responsibilities

electrician job is the ability to solve complex engineering problems on the repair and maintenance of fans, pumps, compressors for their smooth and safe operation, and thus, with high efficiency will achieve its division of tasks.This requires knowledge of the provisions of dozens of legal and regulatory and technical documents and the ability to read engineering projects, passports, drawings, flow charts, process maps.In the workplace electrician must demonstrate leadership skills, stress resistance, and rapid assessment of the situation to within their competence to distribute the work among the employees in accordance with their functional responsibilities.

Ensuring uninterrupted supply units and their equipment necessary kinds of energy

Job Description electrician requires constant maintenance electromechanical equipment.It pumps, compressors, fans, control and measuring equipment, energy networks, mechanisms, devices, starting equipment, pipelines, cables, ropes, grounding.Therefore, the expert must be able to organize the work on electromechanical maintenance services.Job Description Electrician 4 digits imposes obligations to check the starting current protection of electrical equipment, fire equipment, to coordinate the allocation of necessary forms of energy and water, to keep records of energy consumption.Ability to communicate with employees engaged in maintenance of electro-mechanical equipment, is a specialist social competence.

Provide equipment maintenance

Job Description Electrician of 5 category requires having the ability to establish the smooth, safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment, machines and mechanisms, assess their technical condition and the degree of fault.This specialist should adhere to the standards for the use of equipment, planned costs for depreciation, lubricants and spare parts.According to the professional manufacturing expertise, it analyzes the risks of unplanned equipment failure and develops graphics planned preventive works.The work appears in the electrician skills to think critically, to quickly assess the situation in the workplace and to make organizational and administrative decisions.

check the status of implementation of automatic control systems

use of electromechanical equipment in the enterprise poses a threat to the health and lives of workers, so serviceability of the automatic control and monitoring systems depends on the safety of people at work.Within the limits of their professional competence and industrial electrician organize check the technical condition of equipment, protective systems, instrumentation, signaling, automation and protection, layout designs monitoring equipment, and its accompanying routine maintenance.

engaging with the work of experts, electrical engineer must demonstrate knowledge of the basics of interpersonal communication in accordance with their social competence.Considering this factor, the duty electrician job description indicates the need to be able to evaluate and predict the degree of risk in the operation of equipment in hazardous and accidents, including in the winter.Depending on the results obtained, he designs and makes the scheme, technical plans and schedules training equipment to work.Managerial competence requires specialist skills to analyze the production situation and make decisions.

organization and monitoring of the regulatory requirements on labor protection

Job Description electrician requires the use of the provisions of laws and regulations on occupational safety, fire safety, industrial hygiene, consumer electrical, electrical safety devices and regulations.The specialists in social and personal competencies must take personal and collective responsibility for the actions that contribute to the effective protection of human and material resources, to predict events and their consequences, is critical to use the accumulated experience and to defend their own point of view.

briefing on clothes and workplaces safe operation

handing out work orders, electrical engineer has the right to inform the personnel department of the production environment in the workplace and examination staff rules and safety standards.Of course, this can not do without technical equipment for instruction and learning, the ability to apply that also makes professional-production specialist competence.

management ability electromechanical engineer appear in using the principles and methods of rational arrangement of the labor force in the area.Ensuring systematization, generalization and analysis instrumentation, telemetry units - all this is also necessary.Production activity units held under the control of instrumentation and telemetry equipment, information of which allows the specialist to determine the degree of acceptable risk when working on objects and to predict the occurrence of extraordinary events.Ability to work with technical documentation is professional and regulatory competence of the electrician.

ensuring compliance with applicable provisions of the OSH management system, compliance with the rules of industrial hygiene

As work in the industry is associated with increased likelihood of injury and receiving occupational diseases, job description electrician connection requires navigate in difficult situations, and know and applyin practice, the provisions of national and international regulations on labor protection.Managerial competence requires a specialist to conduct group and individual training and coaching of staff units.

The use of individual and collective protection, special rescue equipment, first aid

Unfortunately, accidents and accidents in the mining industry are not uncommon.Job Description Electrician obliges able to apply individual and collective protection, rescue equipment and special skills in first aid.This can significantly minimize the consequences of emergency situations.At the same time one of the major professional abilities is to predict the behavior of people in the event of an accident, take responsibility.Participation in the implementation and development of measures to improve safety and health - is also his responsibility.

With the development of mining technology and increasing the effectiveness of the protection of human and material resources in the workplace.To meet the requirements of all time electrical engineer Mining has the right to a critical use of advanced domestic and foreign experience and implement best standards of safety and occupational safety.Personal competences specialist skills is to quickly assess the situation at the time of liquidation of the accident and, accordingly, plan individual and collective activities.

Control proceeds of internal displacement, disposal of fixed assets, subordinated to

Job Description Electrician of 6 category prescribes analyze operation of the equipment division and work with your computer, it is necessary for the organization and planning of the smooth functioning of the enterprise.In the workplace, it is the documentation of receipt, internal displacement and disposal of fixed assets, as well as the reclamation of their design, engineering, manufacturing inconsistencies with the routine maintenance of the equipment.Job Description Electrician points to the necessary skills to work with partners and negotiate, arguing proper selection and placement of equipment.Compliance with regulations on the time attendance, participation in the development of timecards, schedules return to work - is also his responsibility.

Decisions, orders the workers units (area)

Job Description Electrician also seeks to ensure the improvement of technical and economic parameters of the unit.To achieve this, he is in his professional production and management competence of the personnel involved in the optimization of the production process and modes of operation of the equipment issued to subordinate orders and monitors the work.Participation in the evaluation of employees, assigning work units qualifying categories (land) - is also his responsibility.Mining engineer-electrician must adequately assess the human resources department to improve their professional qualification level.