What color purple monarch: excursion into history

Porphyry monarch - a mantle, which is the master puts on a celebration.This long coat is a symbol of royal power.The word is of Greek origin: porphýreos means "purple."Synonymous with its tokens are "scarlet" and "purple."In this lies the answer to the question, what color purple monarch.Blood-red, purple, crimson, scarlet - that's what has traditionally been a touch of royal attire.

version of the origin

Perhaps then the color purple monarch and what is its symbolic meaning, arose from the fact that the red stone of volcanic origin called "porphyry" in ancient times were made luxury and statues of monarchs.The Emblem of power and privilege stone porphyry was in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Byzantium.The heirs of the Byzantine Emperor were born in porphyry (scarlet) room, because our ancestors believed that brings happiness porphyry.Amazing feature of this stone is that it "knows" how to clean itself: in a couple of weeks of any contamination from it disappears.

fabric, painted in a distinctive crimson color was in the course of the Phoenicians, who have learned to produce purple dye from the rare marine snails.Needless to say that this matter was very expensive, and it could afford only the highest know?

According to sources in the porphyry out to the people of the founder and first king of Rome - Romulus.That he wanted to emphasize the legitimacy of its authority, and to encourage people to respect the laws given to them.

porphyry Bible

Roman emperor at the time when Jesus Christ was on earth, wore purple.The red coats were dressed and Roman soldiers.The Gospels tell us about how these guards mocking the captive Christ, put on him a purple cloak, a crown of thorns and put it in his hand a cane.So they parodied image of the King of the Jews, not suspecting that they face the king of all the universe.

Porphyry Russian emperors

It was first used at the coronation of the wife of Peter the Great - Catherine I, held in May 1724.The coronation of the first in the history of Russian women (except for ritual produced in 1605 over Maria Mnishek Falsdmitry) held magnificent and majestic.Porfirio's wife, Peter put his own hand.Contemporaries told, that the weight of the mantle is about 60 kg, its length reached almost 5 meters.What color was purple monarch Catherine?The historian wrote that the king's mantle that time were made of a special kind of brocade, embroidered with gold ornaments, lined with ermine and around the edges of the gate, going down on his chest.Porphyry was lavishly decorated with jewels.