Job Description waiter.

Restaurant business has excellent prospects for development, and in it there is high competition.In today's market, it is important to take into account all the services: interior places, kitchen, stylistic features and creative ideas.However, in many popular or that institution, as well as its profitability depends on the work of the staff.That is why it is worthwhile paying special attention to its selection and training.To help restaurateurs - this job description.The waiter - what kind of position, perform public duties, and the existence of any personal qualities it involves?All this - on.

main features of the profession

job as a waiter in a restaurant, café, pub or any other catering establishments is reduced to three basic principles:

  • competent tableware;
  • knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette;
  • skills and techniques for visitors.

Duties of waiter are not only literate table setting, maintaining cleanliness tablecloths and dishes.Attendants must be well-versed in the menu of a restaurant or cafe, know the basic ingredients and method of preparation of a dish, as well as navigate the alcoholic products, which can stress the palatability of culinary delights.This is spelled out in an official document, which is called "Job Description".

waiter obliged to own and use technical skills and literacy techniques for visitors, because it is on the quality of service depends on the reputation of the institution and its popularity.

Communication with clients

This is a separate category of duties to which you should pay utmost attention.Primarily, this is due to the fact that it is a waiter in a cafe or restaurant is so-called as a link between visitors and other services.That is exactly the employee (only in the most difficult cases - the administrator) will resolve all conflicts that may arise from the chef, for example.

Therefore, the potential employee catering establishments as it is important to know the basics of psychology, etiquette and well-versed in the intricacies of dealing with people.Contact with the customer - is not just a formal communication that comes down to the choice of food and drink.This is the place to tell a joke, a friendly smile and a very subtle combination of informal dialogue and respect for chain of command.It is worth noting that the experts of restaurant business is often described its activities as a business based on personal relationships.

Functional responsibilities waiter

waiters There are five categories, each with different degrees of professionalism of the staff and its skills and features.The main responsibilities of staff clearly defined in an official document entitled "Job Description".The waiter obliged:

  • maintain cleanliness on the tables, and it is timely to remove from them the dirty dishes to clean and change, as well as monitor the status of table cloths and napkins;
  • optimally arranged the furniture in the institution: to correct chairs departed for customers to push the tables for more comfortable accommodation of other visitors;
  • track the number of permanent tableware: time to inform spices, salt, toothpicks and napkins;
  • be neat, wearing clothing, have a neat and well-groomed appearance, it does not stand bright makeup and jewelry on their hands;
  • undergo a medical examination in a timely manner and follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • be polite to visitors and try to avoid conflict situations.If this happens, ask the waiter or the senior administrator.

addition, prescribes several recommendations to be followed by the catering staff, the job description.The waiter has to take an active part in the planned / unplanned work days and days of care, and strive to improve their skills and, if possible, take a refresher course.

Features of the waiter at the ceremony

First of all, has a slightly different responsibilities than the staff member, a waiter.At banquets, corporate parties, anniversaries and other celebrations invite persons who for various reasons have not been formal training, but want to work in the restaurant business.In this case, the waiter at the banquet should be viewed as a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills to potential employers and development of techniques for visitors.

There are several kinds of banquet services, from simple supply of drinks and snacks to sophisticated celebrations with plenty of main dishes and snacks.The correct and coordinated work of the waiters directly depends on the reputation of the establishment as well as the mood and comfort of visitors.


For catering to the institution responsible not only waiter.Terms of service concerned, and even the bartender, who must also carry out their duties competently and serve visitors.For example, the bartender should monitor the number and range of alcoholic beverages, to be able to cook a variety of cocktails, as well as psychological techniques own guest service.

In addition, the owner of the bar is to monitor the condition of the equipment entrusted to him and to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.

training and recruitment

On the one hand, it may seem that a waiter can work anyone.Indeed, in small cafes and students can earn money, but to upscale restaurants with exclusive cuisine is necessary to select qualified personnel to work which will largely depend on the reputation of the institution and its profitability.Maintain cleanliness on the tables, time to clean up the dirty dishes and update the elements serving supplies (spices, salt, napkins and toothpicks), own psychological techniques, and to know the features of the preparation of a particular dish, as well as to understand the alcoholic beverages - all should be able to knowand keep up with the waiter.

Rules for visitors - is not clearly defined instructions.Today there are so many creative restaurant with an original concept of doing business.But even in this case, the personnel must be competent and responsible in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the workplace.