Chinese flag: history, values, colors and photos

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Each country has its own unique and unique symbols, which is a badge of honor and national pride.Chinese flag and coat of arms is no exception.In this case it will just about them.

first Chinese banners

first mention of the modern designs of Chinese banners refer to the beginning of our era.These flags are visually different from all other European banners of their structure.Chinese flags were made of silk, which in those days did not know anything.And they looked much better than the same Roman, made of rough cloths.

Chinese national flag appeared only at the end of the XVIII century.It was a big white canvas with a picture on it numerous figurines.There were birds, snakes, Chinese Mandarin and blue-red spiral.However, the existence of this flag is not officially approved.On the Chinese Empire at the time it was practically unknown.It was a fantastic state, from all closed.

Imperial Court went under various flags.There was no unity.Everything depended on the tastes and financial capabilities of the captains of the ships.Still to 1862 there was a single Chinese flag on all vessels.This was due to the emergence of the Anglo-Chinese Navy and the urgent requirements of European politicians.The flag is a yellow triangle, which portrayed the dragon and the sun.He later became rectangular and lasted until the fall of the Chinese Empire.


Of course, such a flag has been chosen by chance.Each item is made sense and represented the traditions of the country.So, yellow color in China, was considered the color of the sun, and the greatness of the deity.Even the emperor's kimono was yellow.

Dragon - a sacred symbol of the country.In contrast to the Russian and European legends in China this creature never considered evil and bloodthirsty.On the contrary, the dragon symbolizes luck, majesty, power, power and goodness.He was worshiped and asked for protection and patronage.The traditional image of this creature: the lion's head, snake body with eagle's claws and fish scales.That he was also on the flag.

Modern Chinese flag flag

first proclaimed in 1911 by the Republic of China took as a basis the principles of the Kuomintang.Today, it is officially the flag fluttering in the territory of Taiwan.

But it looks like the Chinese flag today?So, how it was created in October 1949.It was in that year, the country was declared the People's Republic of China and adopted its official flag, which exists to this day.

Modern Chinese flag - a red rectangular fabric.Flagstaff, in the upper corner of the embroidered one big gold star and four smaller ones.The width of the flag of one and a half times less than the length.A big star is three times larger than the smallest.The author of this state has become a symbol Tsuen Lyansun.

Red flag symbolizes revolution.This is a reference to the neighboring Soviet Union, which at one time had a huge impact on China.But on the value of the stars there are two opinions.In the first, they mean the Communist Party (large) and four people's estates (small).The second version says that the five stars represent the five major regions of China.

Coat country

coat of arms was approved in 1950.It is a red circle, inside of which depicts the Gate of Heavenly Peace.This is the entrance to the Forbidden City, located in Beijing.

As the Chinese flag, there is a five-star, shining above the gate.The circle is framed by ears of wheat.It symbolizes the agrarian revolution.Big gear at the bottom center of the emblem - the personification of the working class and the industrialists.Well, the main element - the Gate of Heavenly Peace - is unshakable belief of the Chinese people in ancient traditions.