What was the main occupation of Alyosha Popovich?

One of the most famous Russian heroes considered Alyosha Popovich.He is a character epics and tales, which tells the story of an exceptional courage mythological hero, comparable only with the power Svyatogora.The main occupation of Alyosha Popovich - work in the service of the Prince of Kiev and the protection of ordinary people against foreign enemies.

Where did Alyosha Popovich

Homeland Alyosha Popovich - Rostov Veliky.Already in the XIII century, in one of the chronicles mentions Alexander, or Olesha Popovich.The word "hero" is of Turkic origin, it appeared together with the Tatars after the death of Alexander.Alyosha Popovich is known mainly victory over Tugarinov.The main occupation of Alyosha Popovich - it is quite a feat.Together with Ilya Muromets and Dobrynya Nikitich Alyosha heroic image of the famous trio.

Character hero

Despite the great glory, Alyosha Popovich quality based not on force but on cunning and resourcefulness.The image of the hero showing a dual and contradictory nature.Courageous and daring, he shows boastfulness, deceit and duplicity.Fun and carefree jokes Alyosha sometimes turn into evil and insidious mockery.This gives reason to fellow athlete express condemnation, condemnation of such behavior.The proportion of discontent caused Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha's courtship of his wife - Nastasya Mikulishna - during the absence of her husband.According Dobrynia, Alyosha's "eyes and hands zaviduschie greedy."Envy and haughtiness are weakness of character Popovich.The epic says that one day the prince planted Ilya Muromets in the place of honor.This so angered Alyosha Popovich, he threw the knife in Ilya.Bragging is also a feature of the character of the hero.Every now and then the name of the hero tells his brothers: "I deleted all.The horse I poryskuchee. "According to one version, boasting eventually ruined not only Alyosha Popovich, but all heroes.Despite the flaws, Alyosha is a deeply religious man.It was said "Aleshkina prayer to God comes."This hero is very devout, that's why he is the son of the Rostov archpriest.Hence the nickname has gone Alyosha - Popovich.

What did Alyosha Popovich

What was before arriving in Kiev Alyosha Popovich, not epic narrates.Ancient Epic peculiar cyclization around this city.In this regard, the main occupation of Alyosha Popovich connected with Kiev feat.The most archaic story of his fights - this is definitely a battle with Tugarinov.This battle overshadows other exploits Alyosha Popovich.Tugarin often compared with the Polovtsian Khan named Tugor-kan.It was he who repaired on Russian soil a lot of evil and misery in the second half of the XII century.With Russian prince Khan linked kinship.However, this did not prevent him to besiege the Russian city and robbing local people.Gluttony and greed Tugor Cana ridicules Alyosha Popovich.Bylina tells us that the hero drove from Kiev Tugarin.In fact Tugor-Kahn could be present at the feast of the prince Svyatopolk II of Kiev, as he had to test.

Fighting Tugarinov

After Alyosha Popovich drove villain from the feast, the power of myth Tugarin turns into a dangerous serpent.In response to the threat of the enemy to strangle him with smoke, sparks overwhelm and destroy the flames of fire, shoot firebrands hero takes the fight.The battle takes place near water.According to one version of epics, it occurs in Safast River.As a result, Alyosha Popovich Tugarin slays and cuts his body, swept across the field remains clean.According to another version, the hero distract the enemy's attention, forcing him to look back.At a time when Tugarin lost vigilance, Alyosha Popovich beheaded him.

inverse image of Russian heroes Popovich

Like many epics, there was a prototype of a brave hero Alyosha Popovich.They became a kind of Aleksandar Popovic, for which one of the main professional qualities were courage.According to the Tver chronicles of the XIII century, Aleksandar Popovic came to Kiev from the Rostov land.In Suzdal chronicles refers to the participation and the death of a soldier in battle in 1224 near the river Kalka.However, most of the life of Alexander Popovich appeared borrowed from the annals of folk epics.According to research, in the XIII century, it has already developed a cult of this character.

Thus, the main occupation of Alyosha Popovich was that, to protect the land from Russian Tatar enemy forces.One of the most high-profile battle became a duel with Tugarinov turned to Alyosha victory and loud glory.Subsequently, the battle was mythologized: Tugarin-Kahn became a terrible monster, resembling a snake Gorynycha Idol and trash.In different battle epics of Alyosha and Tugarin described differently.Although several versions of the story, her final one: the hero defeats the villain of his wit and cunning.