How to write essays on linguistic topic?

Very often, students in grades 7-9 middle schools give the job to write an essay on the linguistic issue.What is the primary objective of this exercise?The aim is to teach students to formulate their own thoughts in writing.The aim is also to increase their level of knowledge of grammar and spelling improvement in the ability of the application of the rules of the Russian language.To essay-argument on the theme of linguistic get a high score, it must be written with the use of an algorithm in accordance with clear, demands placed on them.The article will be described in detail the process of job.The text will also be given some of the themes of linguistic works of the DPA (2014).

wording job

Exercise of this format offers the student write a summary judgment with Russian linguist G. Stepanov V .: "Dictionary shows what and grammar - as people think."The mission also identified the need to clarify your answer.The writing on the theme of linguistic examples which clearly confirm grammatical and lexical manifestations read the text, must contain arguments - excerpts from it.In accordance with the task, in the above context, students must specify the number of proposals to which it refers, or apply a citation.Exercise offers journalistic or scientific writing style to choose from.In this linguistic theme should be fully disclosed.As an introduction written work can use words Stepanova GV The volume of the entire presentation should not be less than 70 words.When considering how to write essays on linguistic topic, it is also necessary to focus attention on the importance of respect for the student neat and legible handwriting letters.


So how to write essays on the topic should be linguistic, adhering to certain requirements, it is necessary to know on what basis the alignment structure of the text is performed.Next, consider the basic elements that are specific for this kind of presentation.Writing on a linguistic topic includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction (describes the thesis).
  2. main unit (here it is necessary to prove the extended position with explanations and examples of the indication).
  3. Conclusion (conclude).

Next will be given samples of essays on linguistic topic.


in the previously described setting disciple is invited to start writing the words of linguist Stepanova GV However, the proposal is only a recommendation, and if desired, it can be omitted, just going to the presentation of the thesis.Thesis - is the allegations that in the course of argument to prove.The entry, which contains an essay on the linguistic subject should be much less bulky compared with the main unit.In other words, for the presentation of the thesis is enough to write about three sentences.There are several templates to choose entry:

  1. famous Soviet linguist Stepanov GV argued that the language dictionary suggests what and grammar - as people think.Let's try to understand the meaning of this aphorism.
  2. I fully agree with the statement of the well-known linguist Stepanova GV that language dictionary suggests what and grammar - as people think.
  3. "Dictionary of the language indicates that what people think, and grammar - how they do it" - says the academician GV Stepanov known linguist rights, as in the manner of a conversation a person can say a lot about him.Let us prove this.
  4. "Language Dictionary shows what people think, and grammar - how they think," - wrote Academician Stepanov GV Saying famous linguist is certainly true, as the culture of thinking and speech are inextricably linked and are a testament to the level of good breedingand education rights.Let's try to prove it with concrete examples.

If desired entry can be set out on their own and use these synonyms and verbal cliches simplify this process:

  • linguist, Academician, linguist, scholar, linguist, author remarks, Stepanov GV
  • Consideredclaimed reasoned wrote.
  • aphorism, saying, thought, judgment, opinion, statement, saying, words.
  • True, true, unquestionably, indisputably clear.
  • I could not agree, I totally agree, I share the point of view, I have to agree, I support the opinion.
  • doubt the author's opinion that ... the author is convinced that ... and this confidence is justified.
  • show prove, illustrate, confirm, demonstrate, we will understand.
  • In my opinion, I think, I think, I think, in my opinion.
  • course, of course, of course.

main unit

So how to write essays on the topic should be linguistic, based on the above diagram, you should know that most of the works of the most voluminous in comparison with the introduction and conclusion.If it must be submitted by:

  • Explain the meaning of the linguist in a personal sense.
  • Confirm grammatical and lexical manifestation of the Russian language on the basis of at least two statements.

to outline the basic parts can be used on the following topics linguistic essay topic:

  1. concept lexicon.Explanation of the first part of the statement Stepanova GV
  2. concept of grammar.Explanation of the second part of Stepanova GV
  3. Interconnectivity grammar vocabulary.

To threads essays on linguistic subject were disclosed in full, may be useful information materials and templates.

concept lexicon.Explanation of the first part of the statement Stepanova GV

  1. vocabulary - is an inexhaustible vocabulary of the language used by people in their everyday speech.The words are a reflection of the human mind, and as a consequence, the language - is cast our thoughts.That is, in the words of Academician GV Stepanov, language dictionary indicates that what people think.
  2. lexicon (vocabulary used by the people in question) shows the view of the surrounding manifestations of human reality, it is the image of his thought.This was the famous Soviet linguist Stepanov GV reason for the strong conviction that the "Dictionary of the language indicates that what people think."
  3. vocabulary (from the Greek. Lexikos - vocabulary, verbal) - a set of words.This term is called the vocabulary of each language in the world.It is a form of consciousness, showing the world and philosophical views of the surrounding human things.
  4. vocabulary - is a form of conscious state of a person showing his worldview and philosophical view of things.Through language is born the idea - the formless expression of human consciousness.It lexicon defines it form thoughts or feelings, that is, re-creates and expresses something through specific vocabulary values.

concept of grammar.Explanation of the second part of the statement Stepanova GV

  1. Grammar - an area of ​​linguistics, including the syntax and morphology.Clear grammar not only help a person to correctly and with the utmost clarity to express their thoughts.They reveal his condition, attitudes towards others, and inner peace.
  2. Grammar (Grammatike (from the Greek.) - "The art of writing") - a branch of linguistics, which is based on the study of the grammatical structure of the language.Grammar is the plexus and the close relationship of the two related disciplines - morphology and syntax.It is thanks to grammar formless thought takes the body's own shell.Knowledge of grammar allows for the creation of coherent expression, logically built and the text of the proposals.
  3. speech in any language of the world is not a mechanical set of words.To be understood, it is important to not only find the right words, but also to connect them properly, to place in the correct order, converted into the appropriate form, logically fit into the proposal.This helps us to know the rules of grammar - a branch of linguistics that combines morphology and syntax of the language at the same time.
  4. In order to build a sentence or statement, showing a certain idea is not enough to pick up a number of words and turn them to say.Suitable for the construction of meaning and purpose are in the process of telling the unfolding of his speech.However, they must be connected together in a specific order, creating a logical structure of the text, intentionally included in the context of the communication.The set of rules for the organization of such a structure of individual words by streamlining their combinations with each other and categorical changes studied science grammar.
  5. Grammar - a skill to write and speak correctly.The knowledge of this discipline is the key to the correct use of words in speech and help convey additional meaning in the text;
  6. Grammar is a set of rules on the transformation and combination of words in a sentence, and is considered to be the main language of the law, without which it would be all the words were dead, irrelevant load.In order to separate structure, rallying in the whole structure, form a meaningful sentence, they need to change and be placed in the correct order.This is done without the knowledge of grammar is simply impossible.

Interconnectivity grammar vocabulary

Soviet academician Stepanov GV speaks of the unity of form and content of the language.The cultural development of thinking is closely connected with the development of speech.That is why the link grammar and vocabulary becomes obvious.Basic knowledge of syntax, morphology, as well as a rich vocabulary, helps a person vividly and clearly express their thoughts.All of this suggests a close, solid relationship the two disciplines, despite the fact that they are different sides of the tongue.At the same grammatical and lexical manifestations in the text might be in a relationship with each other:

  • compliance;
  • mismatch;
  • clarify and supplement.

difference between the two disciplines is that grammar has a wide range of generalization of the phenomena of the world than vocabulary.Shape matching the first discipline the content of proposals provides the opportunity to judge the veracity or falsity of the statement of the speaker.This fully confirms the saying Stepanov GV, which can pass a simple phrase, "No matter what people say, the most important - as it does", ie grammar gives a more truthful representation, while the vocabulary is able to beautifullydisguise the true thoughts of the speaker.Thus, a form of thinking, and it shows its human essence.

Requirements for confirming excerpts

choosing linguistic topics for essays, students need to understand how they will argue the thesis described by quotations from the text.This extracts used must comply with the following requirements:

  • number of examples should be at least two.
  • excerpts to be taken from the specified text.
  • These examples should clearly illustrate the differences in grammar and vocabulary in the language manifestations.
  • Quotations must comply with and transmit the value of this phenomenon.

including examples of text in works without losing its integrity and connectivity by using the following speech patterns:

  • To confirm this statement, look at the ... the proposed text.
  • clearly illustrate called grammatical (lexical) value can be an example of this ... proposal text.
  • example grammatical (lexical) displays the text can be seen in the offer number ...
  • validity of the input can be confirmed on the example of ... offers, where the author of the text uses the grammatical (lexical) phenomena as ...
  • In support of its own judgments can take the example of... offers from text provided, clearly demonstrates this grammatical (lexical) phenomenon.
  • consider ... an offer that uses a grammatical (lexical) phenomenon, as ... This confirms the judgment that ...

Method of arguments

Illustration lexical phenomena in the text:

"For example, the use of emotional and expressivelexicon ("coward unfortunate"), and words spoken character ("picnic", "arrange") in a replica of the heroine (proposals 34, 35, 38), author of the text focuses on the cruelty and insolence in the thoughts of children. "

Illustration grammatical phenomena in the text:

"Consider, for example, offer number 19 and № 20. Everyone knows the meaning of the word" please. "It is an indication of politeness and of respect for the other person. However, if we analyze the arrangement of wordsthe context of these proposals, that is, consider the grammatical structure of sentences, you will notice that the word "please" is not part of the previous sentence is an independent syntax. In this text, the author uses a syntactic method "parcelling", which allows a maximum transfer a hostile environment. "

Conclusion The final part of the work, as well as his membership shall not exceed the volume of the main block of text.This part is a logical conclusion from the previously described thesis and presented arguments in his proof.

begin the final part of the work may be in the following words:

  • therefore.
  • means.
  • so.Thus
  • .
  • In summary judgment, we came to the conclusion that ...

sample conclusion:

"Thus, each person not only has to think clearly, but also extremely accurately express their thoughts speech. It is this ideology wantedconvey to us Stepanov GV, arguing that the language dictionary shows what people think, and grammar - how they think. Here's how to write essays on linguistic subject. "