Profession electrician.

A variety of electrical appliances in the modern world is astounding.Their development does not stand still, the consumption of electricity is increasing annually.That electricity makes life easier in the kitchen hostess and allows to spend a weekend watching TV.Electrical networks, from which the electrical power supply, require timely inspection, which helps to prevent accidents on the line.

history profession

Profession electrician appeared relatively recently.At the end of the nineteenth century began to appear the first power and routed network.It was at this moment and there is a need for personnel, which could serve the stations.With the development of networks and the construction of new stations appears demand for professionals in the electricity sector.

Currently, electricians are needed in almost every business.Organizations that are engaged in service of apartment buildings have a staff electrician in charge of the in-house network.Due to the prevalence of the profession and challenging work to specialists imposes rather high requirements.

requirements electricians

Profession electrician presupposes certain qualities that should be possessed person applying for the position.In addition to special education, which is mandatory for electricity, there are a few personal qualities without which it is impossible to become a professional.

electrician job is very dangerous, so people should be careful and responsible.These qualities will help not only to avoid accidents and save lives.Electrical bears responsibility not only for themselves but also for colleagues.During repair work on the line exhibited warning signs that can not be ignored.

Like any other specialist technical direction, an electrician must have a technical mind.This helps it to provide the wiring and quickly find the faulty element.The rate of reaction also plays an important role in this profession.Rapid response can prevent an accident and minimize its consequences.

caution and accuracy are also among the personal characteristics that must be present at the electrician.The list goes on and on, but these qualities are required, as not only affect the quality of work, but also help to avoid accidents.

Education electrician

electrician can learn a profession at school or college.Higher education institutions prepare electrical engineers, whose responsibilities may include designing new networks or the development of the electrification of the existing ones.Each such school in the learning process sends students on work experience, where they can gain the necessary skills.

Employers prefer to hire professionals with experience.The ability to handle the special tools and understand the electrical equipment should not even be a young professional just graduated from school.That is why practical skills is a necessary component of education.

to perform simple work in your company, you can finish the training of electricians, which provide a basic understanding of electrical equipment and connected properly.But few courses provide practical knowledge, so it is not enough for the profession.


The state is not even very large companies provided Electrician.Any factory or a plant can not live without an electrician.It is in these organizations arranged the majority of experts.

Electrical engineer with higher education can count on a post at the factory, taking into account the availability of a sufficient level of knowledge and experience.Also in need of specialists design organizations.

addition, the electrician can do their work and privately perform various repairs.Currently, quite private firms carrying out the design and laying of networks for customers.In their state, usually several electricians who perform work as part of several teams.The amount depends on the size of the enterprise.

Responsibilities electrician

Responsibilities electrician largely depend on its rank and place of work.But there are several responsibilities that are typical for this profession:

  • maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and wiring;
  • laying power cables and wiring;
  • calculation of the required cross-section of power cables;
  • charting power facilities;
  • wiring and connection of new equipment;
  • improvement wiring diagrams when connecting new facilities.

electrician job involves constant monitoring of the condition of wiring and equipment without reminders from management.Duties of employees of the enterprise can be extended, but all the work that he has to perform, spelled out in the job description.Instructions electrician lists all the possible work that may be entrusted to the employee, to hold certain positions and having the appropriate level of qualification.

electrical discharges

discharge defines the work that can be performed by the employee.That is depends on the discharge level of qualification electrician.The higher the category, the more experienced professionals.For the discharge is necessary to pass a refresher course and pass an examination, after which the document is issued on awarding the discharge.

Electricians first category can perform the simplest job and must hold a special tool.Electricians second and third class have access to installations up to 1000 V. These experts work in small businesses or in teams at the plants and large factories.Electrical engineer, who has a fourth or fifth rank, is considered a generalist, it can perform almost any electrical work or to be the team leader.When changing jobs discharge electrician saved him.

medical restrictions

Profession electrician has serious health limitations, since some health disorders can cause emergency situations.Electricians can not be people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which can cause impaired motor coordination.It is also not allowed to work, people with visual impairments, which are not corrected glasses or lenses.Nervous system disorders, heart disease, and some light can cause incompetent.Profession electrician also involves work at heights, so a sudden attack of asthma or epilepsy can cause an accident.

Remuneration and career

electrical discharges and the level of their professional skills determine the level of wages.Career development specialist also depends on the category.With the rise of the fourth electrical discharge in the enterprise can apply for the post of brigadier.

remuneration also depends on the policies of the organization, which employs a specialist.In the case of an electrician in private payment is established independently and specialist depends on the professionalism and the level of complexity of their work.