Rejection of the privatization agreement and at her worth knowing?

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Not all Russians managed to privatize state and municipal apartments into private ownership.Despite the fact that the timing of this procedure was extended, pull it is not necessary.In this article we will talk about the main points of the acquisition of real estate and about why you need a waiver of privatization.

Where to start

So, let's say you live in an apartment on the social conditions of employment.Why then privatize it?This procedure will give you the opportunity to become a full owner, and therefore make it redevelopment, sell, bequeath or to use as collateral to obtain a bank loan.Therefore, if you choose the rejection of privatization, it is better to once again consider whether it would be short-sighted decision.

If you do decide to become a property owner, you must first obtain the consent of all living it with you family members.It is important to note that privatization can be shared and shared.First choice: privatize the room, giving each of the owners of a stake in it.In the second embodiment, the division into shares occurs.

happens that the apartment does not want to issue to all members of the family, and for one.In this case, the concept is, as a rejection of privatization.What does it mean?With it, you waive your right to a possible acquisition of state or municipal square meters and both agree that they can privatize the other tenants.

Refusal of privatization must be made in writing and be sure to notarize.By signing this document, keep in mind that, even if the sale of premises, you can not be evicted from apartments privatized without your consent.That is, you have the right to life in the living room and registration at this address.

How long to wait?

aware that the privatization of apartments clearance - a process that requires the owner of a large investment of time.You must collect a lot of documents to the apartment, such as the cadastral passport issued in BTI, legend, warrant, an extract from the house register.And this is not all the paperwork with which the future owner will have to tinker.

Once all the required documents at last collected and packed into a treasured daddy, they must be transferred to the Department of Housing Policy.After verification, you can sign a contract the transfer of home ownership employer.Then it issued a certificate of ownership.Also, do not forget to pay the duty, not suspend the privatization.

Terms privatization of an apartment can be significantly reduced.To do this, you need to pay an additional fee to the state (to the registration of ownership took place faster).We'll have to pay and if you do not want to wait long for documents from the BTI.Most services offer for the privatization of a real estate agency.

Free privatize the apartment can be up to 2015.In fact, time is not so much.Many Russians in the spring of the 2013th were evaluated all the "charm" of long queues.Therefore it is better to take care of the privatization of the room in which you live.