What is the size of the laminate?

Many people who decide to replace the old flooring to a more modern, set an important question: "What is the size of the laminate?"Unfortunately, a clear answer to this question can not even give a sales staff of finishing materials.

manufacturing laminate

Not so long ago (about 20 years) on the market floor coverings appeared fundamentally new and very promising material - laminate.Standard sizes it has not yet been established, since different manufacturers around the world produce their products according to their own standards.And this applies not only to its length and width.Different manufacturers and the thickness of the material can vary considerably.Most of the four-layer laminate structure.Its basis - carrying thick wood-fiber plate HDF.Typically, the thickness ranges from 6-10 mm.Its density of 800-1100 kg / m3.It depends on the size of the expected loads.To create a picture photographed separate first moiety selected species of wood, and then the image is transferred onto a special paper is impregnated with melamine resin.It is placed over the plate and covered with overlay (the protective film of cellulose nonwoven fabric high strength).It is also impregnated with melamine resin.To overlay was more durable and resistant to abrasion, it is sprayed alumina.Under HDF boards enclose a stabilizing substrate, compensating voltage is generated by the upper layers.After pressing on the short-cycle molding machine at high temperature is obtained a final product.This composite material is called a laminate.

size laminate

finished sheet after aging was cut on the panel.The size of the laminate can be different.Its width can vary between 185-300 mm, and length - 1180-2000 mm.Most manufacturers chose the most comfortable settings.The most ubiquitous size of the laminate is as follows: width - 185-195 mm, length - 1260-1380 mm.When this material has a high quality and a large thickness.The most reliable and durable flooring of this type may reach 14 mm.Such a laminate is not afraid of any floods and dance in high heels.Unscrupulous manufacturers produce panels that sometimes have a thickness of about 5 mm.Despite the fact that the price of the laminate will not be high, its durability can not be considered.


laminate Laminate, size and the price is set by its manufacturer, is divided into several classes.From them and determines the cost of this material.This does not even take into account the size of the laminate.The higher the class of products, so it will be more expensive.The most well-known company for the production of laminate (Witex, Tarkett, Balterio, Parador, Barry Flor) produce products that will be on 4-5 dollars.US 1 m more than the production of domestic or Chinese manufacturers.

Laminate 31 class (household) for conventional dwellings.Materials improved durability (class 32 and 33) are suitable for commercial and residential use.There are different types of laminate (from glossy to matte).Their price depends on the size of the panels and their quality.It can be designed for each or sq.m.Thus, the average price of 1 panel laminate ranges from 360 to 800 rubles.