How to use the code "Skyrim" on the abilities of points

Not so long ago in the game "Skyrim" a new feature that allows each player can pump his hero.Also, this feature is called legendary skills.Through innovation, you will be able to fully reset the level already developed skills.Then you can begin to engage in the process of re-bleeding.Currently, there is also a code on "Skyrim" on points of abilities, but if you choose to use it, then all your achievements will be reset, but will not be wasted.Perks in the future you will be able to use to get the skills and enhance them in your character.If you have been able to deal with these innovations, then you probably know that an increase to the maximum level of 100% Ability can be turned into a fabulous option.Thus, it will once again be returned to the initial level of 15.I would also like to mention another important point.Any skill you can make legendary, with such action permitted to perform repeatedly.

Operating principle

not clear to many users in the game "Skyrim" as the ability to get points.But the main purpose of the legendary skills is that you can pump their usual way, and with it, you can achieve an increase in the level of character.

One solution

Naturally, each player thought about in what way you can quickly pump skills and thus get more perks, and this is done by using cheats.At present the code to "Skyrim" on the glasses ability there is only one, it is little known to the users, but professionals have long used it in their accounts and know that it is effective.Of course, if you have a desire to engage in self-pumping, without any additional software and cheats, then use this method, you will simply not interested.But if the enthusiasm of the fact that spending a lot of time is not enough, then it's worth a try to take advantage of our recommendations.


Currently code "Skyrim" on points of abilities can be used by each player.However, in order not to get banned, you definitely need to know how he entered and activated.In order for the code to "Skyrim" on the glasses ability has been activated, the game you need to press a key (~).This is a pre-make sure that the keyboard has been activated Latin, in other words, must be set the English layout.Use a combination of advskill twohanded 999999.