Living Dead: whether there is a zombie?

How to revive dead

Zombies - a zombie witch dead, to obey his will.They can not speak and does not understand human speech, but know how to growl or hum.Warlock manages the dead with the help of the special magic of voodoo.Anyone who is interested in such a magic to the question "whether there is a zombie" will give a positive response.Voodoo sorcerer able to steal the soul of even a living person.To do this, he needs to carry out a series of magical rites and read the spell.After the soul has been stolen, it is crammed into the vessel, which is kept by the wizard in the bedroom.By spells spoken over a stolen soul, established contact with the body, it deprived.Then the man whose soul has sorcerer quickly dies: the heart is not beating, the pupils do not react to light, there is no breathing ... But if you try to make an incision in any portion of his body - the blood from the wounds oozing will not.

When it's the right day sorcerer with his "colleagues" is the cemetery where the deceased is buried.Drums, song and dance combined with a sacrificed white chickens do their job.Next sorcerer digs up a dead man, and holds special ceremonies to revitalize his body.When he comes to life, voodoo sorcerer begins to ruthlessly exploit it.

Free labor

Do you think there is a zombie-worker?Yes, and it is working!The wizard uses the Living Dead as a free labor force on the plantations!Of course, sometimes a zombie witch need to deal with their haters, but, nevertheless, their main purpose - the hard work on the plantations or in the mines.The most important thing in this, that the dead do not need to pay anything for the work, it is not necessary to feed, and he did not go on strike!These stupid creatures - physically strong, which allows them to work much longer people live, besides, they never get tired!Why not an employee ?!

interesting fact is that before America was conquered, namely before the American and Brazilian plantations began to import Negro slaves in Europe about zombies and know did not know anything!

How to kill the living dead?

When the evil sorcerer decided to unleash on you his dead "slave", keep in mind that to kill a dead man will not be that easy!After all, who are the zombies?It is a walking piece of flesh, with a strange and evil will not feel the pain of his wounds.In the living walking dead does not act holy water, silver bullets, aspen stake and garlic.There are only two ways to kill zombies:

  • dead man cut into small pieces, and then burn them;
  • cut out the dead man's skull, destroying the brain (according to current ideas about zombies)

inhabited by zombies

Generally, the Zombies popping up everywhere, where they live evil sorcerer voodoo, but it's mostly Africa, Haiti, Latin America, the UnitedStates.

there zombies in Russia?

Since the climate in our country is not very many hours to the above features dances with tambourines in cemeteries and other rigorous rituals, the voodoo sorcerers and especially do not take root in Russia.And time is not magicians - and no perverse "child".But is there any zombies in Europe - is an open question, because here is the birthplace of evil spirits (mostly vampires) - Romania and Transylvania.

So, in this article we offer you a classic version of the appearance of zombies.Today, more and more people talk about the end of the world, which will be called the so-called zombie apocalypse.On this subject, it is currently shooting a lot of series, and I must say they enjoy widespread success among the audience.Is there really zombies - everyone decides for himself.For example, the legendary actor Brad Pitt has turned his attention to the problem of the uprising army of the Living Dead, starring in the film theme!Let's take an example from him and thought, what if the dead are already beginning to break their coffins to the grave out of raw land in our world of light ... Oh, and then the hard times do we have to ...