Sacred Willow protects from evil

In Russia, in pagan times, it was decided to consecrate willow and birch branches during the spring meetings.On the vernal equinox (Shrovetide) lit branch carried off home, where it was stored for different ceremonies.During the holiday all branches pohlestyvali gathered and whipped home even cattle and household goods to pass them all the living forces of nature.

When whipped, then saying: "It is the willow from overseas, brought Willow health.Verba whipping, beat to tears!More on health, to red in eggs!Verba has not beat me.For tyzhden Velikden.Whether rich yak land, and healthy water yak! "Willow Buds consecrated ate three pieces of a fever, and nine pieces from toothache.To get rid of the fever patient fumigated lit a sprig of willow.Similarly fumigated and cattle when spoilage and disease.Hidden in the bosom or sewn into clothing sprigs protect against disease.

to witches did not spoil the network, they tied sprigs of consecrated willow.
During bad weather, the fire threw a piece of consecrated willow - lightning protection;after the celebration of the day went to Yarilin fields, vineyards and there stuck willow branches at the four corners to keep fit by hail.

branch thrown against the wind drives away the storm, thrown into the fire - tames it stops rain, thrown into the yard - stops degrees.When you put the city on the sill beam consecrated branches (Belarus);when a thunderstorm breaks and burn in the furnace branch, "the smoke took the storm and the devil is not hiding in the tunnel" (Carpathians);when the storm and hail cloud svyachenoy sprinkle consecrated water willow and burn willow branch, put them on the window sill (Poland);harness twigs and large branches waving in the thundercloud, "that it is dissipated" (Croatia).

to protect the house from the storm, evil, willow branches stuck into the walls, doors, ceiling, roof, the windows, under the eaves, is stored in the red corner, thrown into the street, hung on a tree;a strong wind silenced their roof or the wiring in the oven (Belarus).
It was also believed that saves Willow from the water.Ancient herbalists recommend "Verbin hto bears, x to x is good."Verbier is necessary to dig up the sun being in the hands of gold, silk handkerchief entwine, and carry with them - 'If there be (the person) the war or during the trial, the peremozhet all enemies. "

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