Dead and hungry: if there are vampires?

Vampires - is the most popular representatives of the existing evil.In Russian speaking, these bloodsuckers called ghouls (from the word "drink", "revel"), still referred to as "Nosferatu" ("not dead").These creatures along with werewolves existed and exist in the mythologies of all peoples of the world.Today, the question of whether there are vampires, acquired not only the consumer, but even scientific nature!These creatures are not seriously interested in scientific minds, they are dedicated to entire treatises and writings.All the literature about vampires and a lifetime is not enough to read!

Immortal, but dead

Vampires live forever, provided that there is something to make money.It is interesting, but they keep their minds.They are able to think.They are saved as individuals, as opposed to, for example, slow-witted immortal zombies (the living dead).In general, the vampire remains as he was in life, but, in contrast to a living person, it is nocturnal.In the afternoon he was "resting" in his tomb or crypt.To extend his twilight existence, vampires are forced to prey on people, sucking all the blood out of them.Agree, it is somehow selfish on their part ... A distinctive feature of all vampires are quite long and sharp like a razor teeth, which they use to prokusyvaniya the skin of the victim.By the way, contrary to many views, they suck blood not through fangs, as "old-fashioned" - mouth.Vampires are afraid of only one thing - the real death!At least they say so themselves (according to some sources).

As mentioned above, on the topic "Are vampires" has a lot of scientific debate.For centuries people have puzzled over it, while the vampires roam among us.Indeed, the nature of vampirism in general has not been studied.We still can not answer the question of how to stand up against an army of nocturnal bloodsuckers (and believe me, we are not talking about mosquitoes)!

Where vampires bite

So, we'll have found out that the question "Are there vampires?", At a minimum, is of scientific interest that raises questions about the seriousness of this mysterious phenomenon.Now let's find out what places we can bite bloodsucker in this case, a meeting with him.The following column, we have arranged a place for the bite of a vampire in decreasing order starting with the most popular:

  • in most cases, the vampire can bite through your carotid artery in the neck, because here most of the blood (this is the most popular place for a bite);
  • veins located on the wrists of our hands - not less "tasty" place;
  • take note that some sophisticated vampires manage to suck the blood out of the heart area (!) And even the abdomen (below the navel one centimeter), but this is for the most exotic bloodsucker!

About fangs ...

In a treatise titled "Are there vampires among us?"experts debate about canines.On the agenda the question: "Stick out whether vampire fangs out of his mouth all the time, or grow just before eating?".In this dispute is winning supporters of the second version.Indeed, if "sinister teeth" sticking out of his mouth constantly, the poor man could not close it, it would be very, very sad.Scientific minds here draw a parallel with the fangs of snakes.After all, as we remember the lessons of zoology, a poisonous serpent's tooth, like a folding knife comes out of the mouth, it is only its gape.When the snake's mouth closes, the poisonous tooth is compactly folded into place.By the way, here there is a dispute.Some argue that the vampire fangs do not add up, just get out and drawn, like the claws of a cat.But be that as it may, the result of a single: on the site of the bite can see two small wounds with uneven edges white.According to him and determine that a person was a victim of the night bloodsucker.

vampire bite - this is not the death

Do you think if there are vampires (vampires photo opportunities presented in this article) that does not kill his victims?Of course yes!If someone does not know the victim of a vampire will never die from the first meeting with him!Those who believe otherwise simply wrong.After all, if it were so, our planet would have long since died out, all living people, and the deserted towns and villages have wandered alone and sad hungry vampires!Remember that only those people die, to which the bloodsuckers there is some special, biased.In this case, the vampires begin to visit them night after night until then, until the victim dies.

Are vampires real?

Everything in nature lives by its own laws - physical, mathematical, political and so on.Vampires, like other creatures, are the exception to all the rules, obeying the laws of the earth and sound logic.And, nevertheless, we can not with certainty claim that real vampires do not exist!After all, we are with you believe in fortune-telling, in horoscopes, to mediums and psychics, in fact, many of us do not just convinced of this!Because vampires do not exist in parallel worlds, such as, ghosts, and next to us, and they are subject to certain laws, so to speak, live "on concepts."Here are the most important of these laws:

  • vampire in any case can not just go and break into someone else's home, sucking the blood of a man first comer;
  • he is entitled to enter only in that house, where there was in life, or where there was as a vampire, or the one where he was called;
  • to stop it, just close enough (not even lock!) A door or window glass;
  • uninvited no vampire would dare to come to your house, that's why the first victims - it is his relatives and friends.

Perhaps it's time to finish.So what do we know about vampires?Yes, in fact, nothing about them and we do not know!As they say, is not caught - not a vampire.Agree, not even a single vampire was arrested riot police to ascertain the identity.Nevertheless, please be sure to garlic and a crucifix, because you never know how it is ...