Signs and superstition why cheeks burn?

From time to time, looking in the mirror, we can observe at their bright cheeks blush.Naturally, I want to understand where he's come from.There can be several - as the objective is quite realistic and subjective are far from our material world.

medical symptoms

answer to the question of why the burning cheeks, covered, for example, in health.Fever - face glows, and the greater the degree thermometer shows, the color brighter.Or the usual allergic diathesis and also change the color of the skin of the face.Therefore, you should look at himself in the mirror and listen to feelings.If you stood out on the skin rash, itching face and body, it is understandable why the burning cheeks.It is in this case as soon as possible to take any antihistamines.And, of course, excitement, high blood pressure, stress, severe headache - like symptoms are reflected appropriately in the face.As well as overheating in the sun, brisk walking or jogging, lifting heavy loads, fatigue, mental or physical stress.All this, too, can explain why burning cheeks.

Speculation or not?

So, we looked for objective reasons.Now turn to folk observations, signs, mystical conclusions.They are many, for all occasions.In particular, we can see why burning cheeks (both or each separately).

heat directly to both - to you all my thoughts turned one man.Who is he exactly, just hard to say, but you can try to guess.It helps in this ring (gold).Yes, one more condition - it has to be a wedding.If you do not, ask the person who is next: my mother, elder sister, friend, etc.Ring need a ride around the body - from the top, from the forehead to the chin.On the left cheek-track trail.That on its color, and you can guess from what cheeks burn.When the light path, and the thought of you bright, good.Surely this is your fan dreaming about your visit.The band reddish hue - a controversial opinion about you.Maybe it was a colleague at work, or a recent interviewee, who somewhat agree with your position, but something looks for counterarguments.And if you strip dark - you inappropriately come to mind his obvious enemies.The main thing - do not get confused, read three times the "Our Father", a drink, if there is holy water.And to believe that a higher power is required to protect you.And also try to remember who I could wish you evil.As soon comes to mind the name of who your hidden enemies, the fire blaze on the face stops.

  • burning cheeks and ears?Maybe you ashamed of something or you openly lied to someone?Remember the saying that the thief on the burning hat?Here and there, said the people's conscience, which is most of us have protested against the unjust actions and fraud issues.
  • blaze one Lanita?In the old days it was a sign that a man can hit, beat down his cheeks.Or it is waiting for a different matter, and therefore should be turned to prayer to the intercession of saints, holy water to wash, go to church.
  • In some areas of Russia villagers this omen associated with the days of the week, each awarded its value.Sunday foreshadows the assignation, interesting or useful contacts (of course, if you go out of the house!).And on Tuesday, should behave quietly and some water below travushki sincequarrels and disassembly are possible both with strangers, and with people in the household.Koli cheek glows in the day of the week, it is better to keep silent, do not be offended, and myrrh.Wednesday promises to date again, Thursday - a pastime, Friday - important news Saturday - important meetings, which are difficult to forget.A Sunday - the fun.

believe all this or not - a private matter.But the fairy tale - a lie, and something hints!Here and there - rosy cheeks of your - maybe ulterior motive?