How to call a ghost?

Even at school we all know stories about how someone in the camp called The Queen of Spades or swearing hedgehog.And, of course, it was seasoned with lots of details that made her hair moving.While almost everyone knows how to call the ghost at home and using the materials at hand.But in fact, if someone something and saw it was just a figment of the imagination of children.But what if you need to call a ghost, he helped to cope in a difficult situation, if not directly, then pointing to the way out of it?Fortunately, refer to the fortune-tellers and the like do not have personalities.There are many ways in which it is possible to ask for advice from supernatural forces.

Preparation for the meeting with the other

First of all, you must know that the perfume each transition from one state to another is always accompanied by great efforts and feelings are very similar to physical pain.Therefore, it raises the specter of need as a last resort and if you really can not think of another solution.In oth

er cases, call the spirits of curiosity or just for the fun of us - it is not necessary in any case.To avoid the very unpleasant situations have to believe in the word that is impossible with such a joke.

The rest, as well as to the other sacraments, requires special training.Before you call a ghost, you need to devote a few days memories that will be associated with the deceased.This can be put in a prominent place the things that belonged to him and which he was very proud.And it is desirable that these days no one bothered to "Settings".We'll have to turn off the phone, but better - all the abyss of life at this time.The fact that the training is going well, can be judged by the cold and there was a feeling of causeless anxiety.

many "knowledgeable" people are advised to confess to this.But this does not need to do, even if the caller - Hardcore Christian.First: the idea of ​​calling the spirits contrary to the ideas of the Bible, and secondly - confession and communion is used to "meet" with God.Dead such action to anything.

regard to the training room, it is all over the house is necessary to close all the mirrors to make sure we do not "lock" them in spirit.You also need to bring home all the items that belong to religious cults.It does not matter whether it is large icons or small items with the "Holy Land."Animals, too, these days do not have to enter the house.

How to call a ghost with a needle?

This is the easiest way that you can do with your hands.The best place to call, of course, will be home to the ghosts, but it will fit and the house where the deceased lived.To access the required sheet of paper with the letters traced a circle and a needle.Paper and desirable to take a needle in the same house.Especially well call it turns out, if the paper and the needle used during the life of the deceased.

a new clean cloth put a sheet of paper.You can light a candle or several candles - it does not matter.Candles are placed more to the caller entering a special state similar to trance.Then a needle is placed in the center of the circle and the caller releasing extraneous thoughts that may interfere with, starts asking questions.The needle will begin to spin, stopping and pointing to the desired letter.We must be very careful not to miss the message.By the way, it can be recorded.

Questions should be clear and be sure to ask in a polite manner.Rule "of the dead, or good, or nothing," here it is the best fit.Before asking the first question, you must be sure to thank the spirit for what he decided to visit our world.The same needs to be done, and after the last question will be asked.

How to call a ghost for dinner?

This method is also known as the "silent supper."This method is accepted to call the spirits of dead loved ones, "talk" with which the other way is not.

training for all ceremonies is exactly the same, only in this case should concern both the memories and stuff - bind two souls together.The ideal would be the use of wedding rings, but it is only in the case, if before the death of her lover has been decided about the wedding.In the other - it should not do, otherwise the spirit can "pick up" to his partner.

ritual held on October 31 (Halloween).Before midnight, you need to cook dinner favorite foods of the deceased person, pure black tablecloth, the photo favorite (or favorite), wrapped in a black cloth, a large mirror and a large white candle.All except the mirrors and pictures should be absolutely new and bought without bargaining.

At midnight the table covered with a tablecloth, table lights a candle in the middle, the rest of the lights in the house extinguished.The mirror is placed on the seat opposite, photograph placed in front of a mirror.Then brought two servings of food, you can also add to the main dishes bottle of good wine and two glasses.

Needless to say that the dinner is not devoted to the meal, and serves to attract the soul in our world.So go for the food not worth it, as you should not eat it.Instead, concentrate on the request to visit the favorite dinner.You can use the spell written in the book of Paul Huson "textbook of witchcraft," and you can do without it.

need to look at the center of pictures, trying to revive the memory image, as long as you see the sign.They could be the oscillation of the flame or the same chill running through her back.Only then can slowly lift your eyes and look deep into the mirror.Typically, the image is never seen clearly, rather, it will resemble the silhouette.But even if that happens, you still have to thank the spirit and bring all the food out.In this case, the spirit of the visit calling in a dream that will not be like all the rest and be remembered for a lifetime.