Helmet modular snowmobile: reviews

Search and buy a new helmet for your Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo snowmobile or other brand can be challenging as there are many options to consider.By his choice must be approached with great responsibility, because it was he who can save your life.

Why do I need a helmet?

Before you choose a new snowmobile helmet, you need to ask yourself what type of drive you practice, because of this, too much depends.It is necessary to take into account the amount of horsepower unit.You should also pay attention to the degree to which the country will take place on the slopes by snowmobile, outdoors or in specially equipped premises.

be understood that riding a snowmobile is no less dangerous than riding a motorcycle.It is important that the chosen helmet not only protects against injury and downs, but in the wind.After all, this sport is practiced in the winter, so your risk is greatly increased.In addition, when driving at high speeds, any air flow is perceived as cooler.So be sure to use a special snowmobile helmet to protect yourself not only from the cold, but also from a variety of head injuries.One of the most suitable options for a snowmobile helmet - modular "Vega".

Design features

Externally snowmobile helmet is no different from the helmet for motorcycle, and the design they are similar.The outer shell is created from the same materials.Inside they are virtually identical.The question arises: is it possible to use a helmet when riding a snowmobile?In no case, as snowmobile helmets have a number of specific features:

  1. In the process of creating them using special glass, which is characterized by relative stability to low temperatures.Athlete breathing, causing condensation released.If you use the helmet, it will be formed by a thin layer of ice, which is why it will be difficult to see the road.
  2. Instead of the usual dual visor used.In addition, between the outer and inner pane has a special airtight layer.Also
  3. snowmobile modular helmet equipped with a larger shut off, whereby exhaled air is almost free from incidence on the glass.
  4. Another effective solution - the inner mask.Thanks to the exhaled air is completely excreted.

Benefits modulars

helmet-modular snowmobile has a lot of advantages, so it is becoming the choice of the majority of snowboarders.It has a high level of protection.According to its characteristics it is not inferior helmet integrals, but costs much less.If suddenly the accident occurred, in the search for a snowmobile is not necessarily completely remove the helmet.It has a convertible, so the ears will stay warm.It is a safe, easy and most affordable type of snowmobile helmet, which you can find.Full face protection from the wind helps to keep warm even in the most extreme conditions.Helmet-modular snowmobile is also characterized by excellent visibility because of the big points.They can be easily removed and adjusted if mist or dirty.Most snowmobile argue that this helmet looks cool.


addition to the advantages of modular snowmobile helmet has some disadvantages.For example, it requires for a careful maintenance.If it was a snowball, it will have to spend some time cleaning.Otherwise it will be difficult to ride on.Wanting to relax a bit during the break, you can not shoot the whole helmet, but only a part.Sometimes, however, the mechanism jammed, so you have to take full headdress.For greater security it is recommended to buy special glasses, which also are not cheap.

Choice helmet

Snowmobile helmets come in two types: standard and racing.The first type is a modular snowmobile helmet.It is equipped with a device to protect the jaw, and the inner visor mask.Also with him and sold the special cutter.As a result, the athlete becomes easier to manage their equipment, even during severe frosts.There are models with double glass.In some cases, you can even find such helmets, which have a special heating.Design standard helmet is more primitive, but such devices are much smaller.

choosing a modular helmet, snowmobile, should pay attention to the way he is sitting on his head.It is important that it is tight.When cornering, it should not move.Otherwise, during a drive under the cold air will fall.One should not forget that security is the foundation of a good review.Buckle must quickly unfastened and fastened.However, it must be strong to withstand all the loads.Helmet modular snowmobile heated - is the best option for those who are important, not money, and health.Of course, such a device is a lot, but with it you can be sure of its safety.

User reviews

Deciding winter sports, be sure to take care of their security.After the snowy slopes are usually very slippery, so there are all sorts of trouble can happen.Clothing should be as comfortable and warm.Helmet-modular snowmobile can be used while driving on a snowboard.This helmet is becoming the choice of most world famous athletes.They argue that this headgear helps to win in various competitions.Wanting to buy a snowmobile helmet for modular, reviews which are mainly found positive, it is recommended to take advice of sales assistant.He may suggest what should be the device.After all the negative reviews left mainly those who have chosen the wrong modular snowmobile helmet.They claim that the device transmits the cold air inside, so it becomes difficult to breathe.This is due to the fact that the helmet is too large.Recall guidelines for choosing the device were written above.We hope they will be useful.