The change in entropy

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Entropy is a concept that was introduced in thermodynamics.Using this value is the measure of energy dissipation.Any system is experiencing a confrontation that occurs between the heat and the force field.The increase in temperature leads to decrease in the degree of ordering.To determine the measure of disorder and put a quantity called entropy.It characterizes the exchange of energy flows both in closed and open systems.

entropy change in isolated circuits going upwards with increasing heat.The maximum value of the measure of its disorder reaches a state characterized by the thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the most chaotic.

If the system is open and at the same time non-equilibrium, the entropy change occurs to the downside.The magnitude of the steps in this embodiment has formula.To obtain the summation of two values:
- entropy flux occurring due to the exchange of heat and matter with the environment;
- the value of the change in the chaotic movement within the system.

entropy change occurs in any environment where flow biological, chemical and physical processes.This phenomenon is realized with a certain speed.The entropy change can be a positive value - in this case there is the influx of this indicator in the system from the external environment.There may be occasions when the value indicating the change in entropy is defined with a "minus".This numerical value indicates an outflow of entropy.The system may be in a steady state.In this case, the amount of produced entropy is compensated by the outflow of the indicator.An example of this situation is the state of a living organism.It equilibrium, but at the same time permanently.Any body shakes entropy, has a negative value of its environment.Isolation measures mess of it may even exceed the revenue.

entropy production occurs in any complex systems.In the course of evolution between the exchange of information.For example, when water evaporates, lost information on the spatial arrangement of its molecules.There is a process of increasing entropy.If the fluid freezes, reduced uncertainty in the location of the molecules.In this case, the entropy decreases.Cooling fluid causes a decrease in its internal energy.However, when the temperature reaches a certain value, despite the removal of heat from the water, temperature of the material remains unchanged.This means that the transition starts to crystallize.The entropy change in an isothermal process of this type is accompanied by a decline in the measure of randomness.

practical method to measure the temperature and heat of fusion of the substance, is carrying out the works, the result of which - the construction of curing chart.In other words, based on the resulting research data is possible to draw a curve which indicates the dependence of the temperature of the material with time.The external conditions should be the same.Determine the entropy change is possible by processing a graphic image of the results of experience.On these curves there is always an area on which a horizontal line interval.The temperature corresponding to this segment, is the temperature of solidification.

Changing any substance accompanying the transition from a solid to a liquid at the temperature of its environment, the melting point and vice versa, include a phase change of the first kind.This changes the density of the system, its internal energy and entropy.