Complex marketing analysis and to improve the efficiency of sales.

marketing mix - a system of information flow and market relations that unite the company with the markets for their products.It is a thorough analysis of all the factors and the information included in the marketing mix, it allows the company in the fierce competition to maintain and increase sales of niche for their product or service.

marketing mix includes four main components: price, product, delivery of the product to the consumer and commercial products in the market.
product depends on the assessment of cash flow, its outlook and direction.An integrated approach is to expand the range, both within its own sales network, and in entering new markets.
Price - one of the key economic instruments of the marketing mix, has a direct impact on the profitability of the enterprise.Depending on the choice of pricing strategy in the enterprise can be differentiated policies or single, low or high, unstable or stable, discriminatory or preferential price.

essence of moving goods on the market is the brand promotion of a product, increase its sales and image creation of a new product.Strategies for moving the goods are to conduct various competitions, promotions, lotteries, credit incentives, discounts, etc.

method of sale of goods may be made by the enterprise, either through trade intermediaries (distributors, resellers, dealers, brokers, different agents, etc.).
main functions of marketing:
1) A comprehensive analysis of the specific market, identifying the main problems and prospects;
2) Monitoring and control of marketing activities it.
3) Planning the range of the enterprise, taking into account market requirements and their own capabilities;
4) Planning of various marketing operations;
5) Formation of demand, sales promotion.
Market research related to the structure and flexibility of production capacity of the enterprise, its production capacity and financial resources.
main purpose of development of the marketing mix for the company is to provide sustainable competitive advantages of the enterprise, gaining a strong market position.
Features enterprises make available his experience, knowledge, technology, cultural activities, organizational structure and image.It is necessary to take into account all of these elements when determining the capacity of the enterprise to maintain an attractive consumer segment.

analysis helps consumers identify and use strategies in the enterprise segment, the most relevant features of the enterprise, helps to clarify the basic consumer value, to develop a system of measures to meet the needs of the enterprise profitable.
cost analysis allows the most suitable for promotion and creation of samples of goods that will stand out from the products of other manufacturers.

analysis of competitors, consumers and the costs required for such purposes as the formulation of objectives, the development of the marketing mix for the company and the development of business strategy.The objective may be to obtain or consolidation of the existing success of the enterprise.Depending on the goal, the strategy for marketing.
are the main marketing strategies that promote bringing the organization's compliance with the situation in the markets:
1) Improving the organizational structure;
2) The penetration of new markets, the introduction of a new type of product in the old market, the penetration of a new market segment;
3) Termination of the sale of goods, ceased to be a given profit stop production of unprofitable product, withdrawal from unprofitable markets.

Strong orientation in such a structure as complex marketing ensures the success of trade.