The female energy

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In ancient times it was believed that women are concentrated creative energy that originally granted the universe.It is with the help of a woman is able to inspire and fill man.Without this energy, to realize their potential, he can not.Speaking modern language, it can not achieve the desired social status, earn enough money.The creative energy of its generously partner.It is believed that the more a woman has it, the better and stronger than her man.

Many modern psychologists confirm this theory.If the partner is not enough femininity, if it constantly demonstrates its strength, "pulls" the functions of the male, her partner becomes passive and weak.And, feeling the lack of make-up, he will try at all costs to compensate for it.To do this he will need female sexual energy.And he will certainly find it, but to "party."

Where are focused female energy?People involved in esoteric practices, argue that it accumulates in the center, which is located at the level of the uterus.Speaking roughly, approximately 4 fingers below the navel.This center should be permanently filled, "hot".And if the energy is concentrated a little or not at all, the woman is usually cold.Moreover, the disadvantage is compensated, there is an excess of male energy.Partner subconscious will perceive it as a competitor.He has nothing to take away a woman.

What will happen next, if the woman suffers from power?If you do not replenish the much needed creative force, except for the disorder in the family may fall in trouble in other areas.And, above all, it's great.

But the owner of an adequate supply of creative power, even at a modest appearance, as a rule, is popular with men, it is as if their draws.Such talk: charisma.

Where leaked female energy?Initially it was given to all members of the fairer half in the same amount.But she gives it to her man during intimacy.And the more she had partners, the less energy.But even if you've been the one and only love and keep faithful to him, that does not mean that the losses do not concern you.Even after a night spent with a woman, a man for seven years, "feeds" it with energy, whether he sees it or not.That is why it is believed that women with multiple partners, there is power, and if they manage to attract a man, then hold - not afford.

Are there ways to fill the feminine energy?Sure, yes.Unlike men, the fair sex are endowed with the ability to draw it directly from the universe.But first it is necessary to stop the leak, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.There are techniques to break the energy ties with ex-partners.In addition, it is necessary to review the way of life, to find time for yourself, for creativity, communing with nature, as well as deal with their current relationship.

there are many esoteric practices, allowing to recover energy.This Taoist practice of healing sounds, and all kinds of meditation.Let one of them.

All you need - to choose the most comfortable position: lying down or sitting in a chair.Try to relax.Imagine that in your crown poured a flood of light.Call it love energy or space, whichever you prefer.Now the "breathing" of it, lower the flow is below the spine.Take your time, it is important to feel the feminine energy slowly fills every cell.Now imagine how she fell into the uterus.Continue to breathe, but now this center.Inhale - and the flow enters your uterus, exhale - out.

Go ahead.On the inhale absorb energy in the uterus, as you exhale - the center is filled and expands.Gradually we imagine how he becomes the size of the stomach, and then increases to the size of the body.Slowly continue.With each exhalation, the energy center grows.And he has already covered the area in which you live, city, country, continent and the entire Earth.Feel uterus encompassed the entire universe.Stay in this state for a while, feel the pulsation in the abdomen.Slowly return with each exhalation to the size of his body, of the uterus.

now received energy to be stored.Imagine a clock face in the area of ​​the uterus from the left hand side is the number "3", right - "9".It is necessary to scroll through the received energy 36 times counterclockwise and then clockwise - 24 times.Help yourself by hand or move the flow of thoughts, as will be more convenient.

perform this practice can be long until you feel that the supply of female power you have enough.And remember, the female energy is leaking, if not to love and pamper yourself, if you do not do creative work, not treated properly to nature, and does not support or respect her man.