The organization "Profit Alliance": reviews depositors

microfinance services market now developed strongly enough - a lot of people regularly make out small loans in cash for the purchase of small household appliances, pay some urgent bills and other things, returning them to the next paycheck.

In turn, the companies providing such loans, circulate funds by attracting deposits of other people, adding to its financial portfolio.

Today we tell about one of these microfinance institutions engaged in accepting deposits and issuing loans.It is called "Profit Alliance".Reviews depositors of the office, as well as general information about the company from the Internet will be provided in this article.

General characteristics

is this microfinance institution (hereinafter we call it reduced MFI) is the typical structure of circulation of money.As already noted, it takes money from some people and giving them to others.What it is interesting is the high interest rate that is charged on deposits.This in itself can not attract people who want to make money on their investments.

addition, the company uses a number of marketing tools - decorating the site with the help of motivational beautiful pictures, writing out all the details about his many years of successful activity, and so on.Although if you want any visitor is able to detect some inaccuracies in the activities of "Profit Alliance".Guest contributors note we do not take long.

Years activities and documents

In the "basement" of the site indicates that the company has been operating since 2011.This page "about us" clearly inscribed year - 2013th.It was then alleged was based MFIs.In order to bolster its image in the eyes of investors, on the site you can find the certificates and the certificate of registration of the subject of activity, as well as a number of other documents.However, if you talk specifically about "Profit Alliance" (reviews also emphasize this), there are only two documents relating to it - this is the certificate of registration of legal entities, as well as on entering data in the register of microfinance organizations.That is, the other scanned the paper relate to other stakeholders (this "Center of public finance" and the CCP "Eurocapital").


the relative contribution of the company "Profit Alliance" (responses of those who failed to cooperate with it, we will give a little farther) did not disclose more information.On the site you can find only general information about what funds are raised from the public in the amount of 30 thousand to 5 million rubles.Regardless of the amount of the deposit it will be charged 120 per cent per annum (or 10% per month).As it is written on the same page, the payment of interest on the contribution made monthly.With regard to the period for which the investments are made, it can be from 3 to 12 months.

A little further on the site describes various "benefits" from such investments.These "Profit Alliance" (a financial company reviews about which so many people are interested in depositors) include open, high profitability, the level of reliability, quality service, customer orientation, and things like that.

In order to invest, you need to call one of the phone numbers provided in the "Contact Us" on the site and then come to the office and bring the money.This is all done as indicated by the representatives of the company quickly and easily.


Apart from raising funds from investors MFI "Profit Alliance" (reviews are a little further) is also involved in the issuance of loans.It is usually typical microloans aimed at paying off small debts, purchase of some necessary, but inexpensive things, food to the new salaries and so on.

According to the official website, in the case of a vehicle as collateral the debtor has the right to issue a loan in the amount of 10 to 50 thousand rubles for up to 1 year.At the same time the borrower is obligated to carry out weekly payments on the loan.With regard to the interest rate, then it is set at two percent per day.

Employees promise that the procedure for issuing funds is simple and takes place in the shortest possible time.It is necessary to call in one of the offices, to come and talk in person, submit documents to the collateral value of the property and to receive the desired amount.


As noted above, the company publishes its registration documents indicating the procedures for the establishment and entry in the register of Russian MFIs."Profit Alliance" (St. Petersburg is the second center, which opened their office after Moscow) also ensures that all deposits will be insured in the company, "Loyd City".The investor receives confirmation that the insurance policy, which means that 100% of the deposit will be refunded in any case.

According to the company's agents themselves, this allows us to speak about the absence of risk for investors and profitability of the entire transaction as a whole.However, once again, to make sure that we give the left of the "Profit Alliance" reviews of depositors, who will have to show what's what.

Why do so many

The site has a section of MFIs, which contains answers to the most common questions.One of them is this: "Why do you pay so much?".At the same time, of course, meaning 120 percent rate, which is paid to the depositor for the year of use of funds.It's really quite a lot - even in different forums of the "Profit Alliance" depositors reviews suggest it as a suspicious extremely profitable organization.Especially given the fact that all deposits are insured.

How to explain this fact by the staff - the whole thing in a very high percentage of loans that borrowers pay.Indeed, 2 per cent for the use of a day - about 720% per year.It really is a tremendous amount of profit.But explain this rate can not be 120% as lending bears marketing costs to attract borrowers, as well as risk costs on the case of loan default.People who have been actively learn the details of the company, there was even a version in this respect.


Investors mostly confidently called fraudulent company "Profit Alliance"."The microfinance organization" - is just a cover simple financial pyramid, which takes money from some people and pays the other, creating the appearance of the work.The principle of operation is very similar to how the functioning in due time legendary MMM, only smaller scale.

Reviews contributors mention that such companies appear everywhere.They rent offices, hire employees who are managers, smiles at you, they write interesting stories about their work on the official site.But then it is not comes.

normally collected a certain amount, they just stop paying and "fold" forever missing from the perturbed investors.And the borrowers, the company will most likely not, since such a rate, and even the security of the car is pure cheating.

And another interesting point, which indicates the reviews depositors.The site contains information about the company provides funds on behalf of "Profit Alliance", whereas takes account of "Center of financing the population."Thus, to prove that you were carrying money in the first office, it will be impossible - according to the documents they are two completely different legal entities.Reviews


Unfortunately, utilizing a search on the Internet, we have not managed to find the "Profit Alliance" feedback from staff.Perhaps the reason is the small staff of the company, consisting of several people.It may work with clients involved in the direct owners of the company, without involving additional staff.

way or another, but it plays an obvious minus confidence in the MFI.

general conclusion

What can I write as a conclusion about this organization?It offers clearly too attractive conditions in order to clearly attract investors.At the same time about it very little feedback from borrowers, no recommendations from the staff, and only questioning comments from potential investors who are interested in that kind of a profitable business capable of producing such a crazy interest.

second point - it is the fragmentation of several legal entities, which suggests that it is all done on purpose.It is possible, for the presence of several legal entities lies the clue to how the system of cheating investors.

As the recommendations of the other investors, it is better to pass this company.The yield of 120% a year - is simply ridiculous.If you compare this organization with other, more profitable industry, they can promise a maximum of 20% per year.The difference is palpable.