Emotional pain: causes and healing

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mental pain and suffering - this torment felt everyone.Grievances of betrayal, betrayal, injustice, grief, sadness - all these emotions associated with pain that can not be removed with medication.

Unfortunately, many people are trying to escape from the torments of pain, are trapped in dependency.This applies to alcohol, drugs, gambling.

runs away from problems - for the weak.It sounds corny, but it's true.Most people tend not to take responsibility for their lives, seeking the cause of failure and mental discomfort from the outside, can not survive the slightest pain and do everything in order not to feel it, that only makes the situation worse.

On the other hand, mental anguish pushes creative people to create masterpieces, such as the most beautiful poetry is written in a state of anguish, seeking a way out.

How can that be when the soul hurts?

consider several possible situations when there is suffering, and will try to understand how to heal wounds.

hidden benefits

Psychological work with problem begins with the establishment of its causes.If you are dealing with people who are constantly "beat" on the sore spots, perhaps you do not need psychotherapy.It will be enough to change their environment.But if you intentionally repeatedly find yourself close to these people, it makes sense to think about it, why do you.What drives you to this kind of "self-torture"?It is not there for you in this some kind of hidden benefits?

secondary benefit is very often the cause of severe mental pain.In this case the treatment would be useless as long as there is a need to reach the hidden targets.In order to change your life, you need to identify them and to review.


Another common cause of mental anguish - a prolonged experience, for example, by parting with a loved one or the loss of a close relative.

In these cases often require assistance of a psychologist, but also the person can take steps to get rid of the problem.

Firstly, it is not necessary to feed the memories, looking at pictures of people who left or listening to sad music.Secondly, try to shift attention to new classes, practice what you like the most, and most importantly, do not stay alone.

When grieving is a period when you have to endure great pain, let it go.This can help the therapist.If you are unable to forget the deceased person, mentally try to talk to him and say goodbye.Alone, light a candle and think about who left, internally release it decided to continue to live.Very often such a choice requires real courage.

bodily tension

Any phenomena of our consciousness, somehow, appear on the bodily level.Acute mental pain leads to tension in the body sections, muscular or clamps.For example, hunched, tense back, "zakamenevshie 'shoulders, clenched jaw.These symptoms are the result of restraint.The movement frees the body, returns to his life, and as a result, heartache ceases to be unbearable, it is "dissolved" and gradually receding.Try to move more, walk, play sports, even if at first you will be difficult to force myself to give it time.This will help you cope with the pain.

Working with restraint

often hear: "Do not keep a mountain, reprimand, you will feel better."It really is.Initially, a person needs to release negative emotions and to share experiences with loved ones.If you talk to no one, can do a simple job: take a piece of paper and write on it what is bothering you, torments, from what hurts the soul.If you write sincerely and not hold back, you will quickly feel relief.This work is useful in that it helps to better understand themselves and the externalization of feelings do not seem so scary and overwhelming.Incidentally, after the completion of the work it is recommended to destroy the leaf.For example, it can be burned.This symbolic act will help you to let go of negative emotions.


emotional pain can also cause lesions in the experience, it is important for human beings.In this case, the memories come back again and again, there is a feeling of shame, tortured thoughts about how it was necessary to do.This state of mind is curable if people find the cause of their destruction and build another course of action.It is necessary to stop doing soul-searching and to understand what led to the failure, and what qualities a need to change in order to avoid this in the future.

general psychology is built on experiences to seek support in his mind, and only then work with emotions.An intelligent person is the master of himself and his life, allowing him to live negative emotions without being captured by them.In addition, learn how to think correctly and build their lives, we begin to work for the future, except for the appearance of heartache and producing resistance to a variety of life circumstances.

heartache allows you to gain new experience and maturity.The main thing - do not be afraid to live in the present in all its fullness, rejoicing, sorrow, suffering, learning and achieving new victories.We all came into this world to experience the fullness of being, and not hide in a cocoon experience.Think about it, you can live and constantly move forward, and can be "re-alive", that is to remain in place while life passes by.The choice is yours.