A variety of types of nature

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his temperament and ability to something each person receives at birth.All this is embedded in his genes and can not be changed.But how a person realizes his "inheritance", it depends on his character.Yes, it is associated with a temperament very closely.But it is also formed in the process of training under the influence of the environment.Although each person is unique types of characters will still be divided into certain groups.

make such a classification, many scientists have tried to psychologists.For example, a German psychologist and psychiatrist Karl Leonhard identified 12 basic types of characters.A criterion for his classification, he chose human communication style with others.And according to it there are some kinds of human nature:

1. Distimny views.Such people are reticent, little contact with others and are pessimistic.They usually sit at home and in the noisy company uncomfortable.Conflict of these people is rare and highly valued friends, they usually obey.This is a serious, conscientious person with a keen sense of justice.A negative feature of these people is individualism, sluggishness, slow thinking and passivity.

2. gipertimnye views.It is extremely talkative and contact people who have a pronounced facial expressions and gestures.They often change the subject.And they often occur conflicts with others due to the fact that they lightly treat their family and work responsibilities.Do these people have such positive traits as optimism thirst for activity, initiative and energy.But, like other character hyperthymic species has a number of drawbacks.This levity, irritability.

3. cycloid views.And these individuals mood changes several times a day.And concerning the manner of their communication changes so often.When such a person in a good mood, he is very sociable, but when it was bad, he withdraws into himself.In this type, as it were periodically "include" different kinds of nature - and distimny hyperthymic.

4. excitability.When communicating these people have low contact.They are sullen zanudlivym prone to abuse, rudeness and conflict.In the team they are quarrelsome, and have power in the family.When such persons are calm, they are careful and conscientious, love children and animals.But they are very excited irascibility, annoyance and bad self control.

5. stuck views.Such persons taciturn, zanudlivym and have a penchant for moralizing.They are often the initiators of the conflict.And in each case, for which they are taken, these people strive to achieve the highest performance and to themselves they make the highest demands.

6. pedantic look.These people are typical bureaucrats.In conflicts behave passively, and leadership willingly concede to others.Pedants different attractive qualities such as seriousness, accuracy, integrity and reliability.And their repulsive features include zanudlivym, formalism and grumbling.

7. Alarm view.It is timid, insecure people with low pin.They seek no one conflict, and if such a situation arises, they are looking at other encouragement and support.And at the same time, this executive, friendly and self-critical people.But other types of character are morally stronger than this.And this leads to the fact that over these people are constantly bullied, make them targets for jokes.

8. demonstrative appearance.These individuals can easily establish contacts, aspire to leadership and power.They know how to adapt to the people and have a penchant for intrigue.They irritate surrounding his self-confidence and are themselves the perpetrators of conflict.Such people are artistic and helpful, they can think and act outside the box.But they also are inherent weaknesses such as selfishness, boastfulness, hypocrisy and shirking work.

But that's not all kinds of nature.There are exalted and extroverted, introverted and emotive types.And each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.