The constituent documents of legal entities

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creation of any legal entity - a process consisting of many stages.One of them is the training and preparation of constituent documents Company, Ltd. and so on.None of these securities can not do none of the organizational-legal form.Note that the constituent documents of the SP as such are not required.

Let us understand, finally, that it is for the documents, and why without them the organization can not be registered.

JSC Constituent documents - a document in which it is written on what activities will focus the organization, and then what are the rights of participants, which they contributed to create, what rights will be in the future.Legal persons can not be easily and freely switch from one activity to another, because to do so they have to pre-register all changes in their most important documents.

in article 52 of the Civil Code of the country stipulates that the founding documents - a memorandum of association, articles of association, as well as an agreement on the establishment.Note that the latter in most cases is not used or used only during the creation of a legal entity, and then canceled.What it usually indicates?It indicated that as members of the legal entity must act at the moment of the institution, which they have the duties and rights.

important, by the way, to say that certain non-profit organizations was used in place of constituent documents specific provisions that are common to institutions is their type.

Any founding document must contain the information enabling it to quickly identify which organization he belongs to.The thing is that it should reflect the information on the location of the organization and so on.These documents are presented in the main common requirements, but there are special requirements to be met by organizations involved in specific activities.

In most cases, the founding document of the legal entity - is its charter.However, it can act and memorandum of association.

to the Charter shall be presented no small claims.The important thing is that it had information about the purpose of the organization and how it is a way for these purposes will be achieved.Recall again that the entity may engage in only one business activity, which is provided by its charter.Never leave any frame no one has any right to.There is a need to change the type of business activity - changes in the Charter and re-register it.Also, the statute contains information about the authorized capital and so on.

In the memorandum, for the most part, says it is the situation of the participants.

right to make the constituent documents, and to make them correct any changes will help lawyers.Do not skimp on their services!After all the documents drawn up by the rules, can become the source of many difficulties!