Land privatization: the nuances and policies

main condition for the successful execution of the land - is the presence at the construction it signs, structures, buildings, ie the property.It should be noted that in contentious objects include, for example, unfinished.Non-capital construction objects (characterized by the absence of the foundation), temporary structures (kiosks, cabins, sheds) are objects, under which the land does not belong to the mandatory privatization (may be provided on other conditions).This railroad loading facilities related to facilities, and the privatization of land under them can also be made out without the presence of other buildings.A garage and he built boxes are not separate entities, and the land under them, may not be made out individually and in combination with other structures, with whom they share a wall or to which to attach.

second important condition - the ownership of this property.In other words, can not be subject to privatization of land for real estate undergone significant changes (reconstruction) or under samostroem.In the first case, you must first legalize the construction of any changes done by her, and after that made the privatization of land under the private home.

Having determined that the object is a capital projects related to real estate, there is documentation that confirms the right of ownership to it, you can proceed to the second stage.Next, we need the correct definition of a proper name whose land is located on it with the property.If it is municipal property, in the administration of the district is sent to the application for redemption.

After the preliminary clarifications may begin privatization of land under the house.This procedure is divided into stages:

- Order an extract from the inventory department in the bodies of technical inventory of immovable property;

- order statements USRR property;

- order a technical report (measurement) on land (an organization that provides services for surveying the land).

order and receive all of the above documents, please contact the bodies authorized to dispose of land plots (the present owner of the land).At itself to be a statement on the preparation of the scheme of finding the site.

Upon receipt of the scheme and a decision on its approval of survey plans to be ordered, and the land is placed on the cadastral registration.After you received the cadastral passport, you need to re-apply to the administration with a set of documents and the application for redemption of the land.

Earlier land stood out on any basis (privatization of land in lifetime inheritable possession, perpetual permanent use), this section of the ownership transferred free of charge, otherwise the decision on granting the land to the ownership will be invoiced for the provision ofportion.In this case both the decision - a complete privatization of land.