Why , when, to whom and for how long to say the words of gratitude for the congratulations ?How to come up with it ?

"Each of us is pleased to receive thanks for their work."These words said Professor Dumbledore, the hero of the famous novel "Harry Potter," the English writer George. Rowling.Indeed, always rejoice the heart words of gratitude for the congratulations, for caring, for participation or possible assistance.

Why do we thank?

in childhood cartoon monkey treated banana and asked: "What do you say?".She blurted out: "Give me more!"It is ridiculous!But in adult life often happens, when a good deed will not hear even a brief "Thank you."

hear this word, we feel the usefulness of the business, respect for others and their good attitude.Speaking words of gratitude for the congratulations for bringing mail for deliciously cooked dinner, we thank the person for his indifferent and catering to us.This mutual human love, this is the world.

With lexical point of view, "thank you" stands for "God save you" and "thank you" - "I give you a blessing."

whom and when to say "thank you"?

Thankyou appropriate to say whenever we have taken care of when we help or we do not forget."Thank you" should sound not only in a festive atmosphere, but also in daily life.

sound pretty pathetic gratitude for the congratulations on the anniversary, birth of a child.Emotionally and passionately expressed gratitude to the teacher for his hard work, parents at a wedding party.But at least it is necessary to sincerely respond to what you have given way to transport, they shook hands, suggested and explained.

Where to find the words to thank you speech?

easiest suitably gratitude for the congratulations, for the education of teachers and parents for the love and care to write off somewhere.This option is good when you need to cook up a quick answer, quickly, or if the appreciation is pronounced, "because it is accepted" and "to show respect."But such "impromptu" sound banal and cold, they lack zest.

If you really have to be thankful, and you want to show sincerity, dry, stale and common phrases from the Internet in any case do not fit.Prepare it yourself, put in her soul.After all, the main goal - to surprise the audience with their talents and draw their attention to your heartfelt gratitude that to whom it is addressed thanksgiving.

simple rules that will help to prepare their own acceptance speech

actually very simple.You will manage.

  1. need to cook it in advance and not at the last moment, in a relaxed atmosphere.Be sure to 2 hours you will not be disturbed.Often visit the muse, and someone was distracted and thought lost forever.It's a shame.
  2. Sit down at the table, armed with a pen (ballpoint pen can be), and a stack of blank paper.You can make coffee and biscuits.From tasty get a double benefit.Firstly, sweets and saturated feed brain energy.Secondly, in a good mood easier thanks ...
  3. Think of the main defendants in your future speech.Think about it just all good.In writing, answer the following questions:
  • What is the person (or team)?Honest, decent, open, brave, intelligent, decisive, kind, sympathetic, cheerful, caring, gentle, beautiful.The more positive qualities you write, the better.
  • What good did it specifically for you?Helped, taught, raised, trained, healed and saved, I did not leave in a difficult moment.If you are cooking gratitude for the congratulations, think how wonderful that you will not forget and want to make you feel relaxed.
  • What good is this man seen by others?
  • What nice things about him you heard from others?
  • What would you like to wish to the one who is so much for you?Health, welfare, youth, energy, good mood.It is important to show tact and understanding.Ill be willing young 70-year old man.It is appropriate to wish strength, vitality and longevity.

Now from the resulting draft record is the main text.

A few additional tips

As a rule, the structure of such a text:

  • general greeting."Dear" and "respectable" - applicable in a formal setting for the older generation."Beloved," "wonderful," "my best" - these words refer to a well-loved ones and peers.If you are preparing a collective gratitude for the congratulations, assistance, participation, please contact directly to all in the plural.
  • main part - tell us about the best qualities of who to thank, how much good this man has done for you and for others.Or how comfortable you work in a friendly and close-knit team.
  • In conclusion ozvuchte your heartfelt wishes.

can pokreativit and first tell all good, without referring directly to anyone.Let guess.But this indulgence diversifies friendly informal party.Speaking words of gratitude for the congratulations to colleagues, it is better not to be too familiar.

How much time to say "merci"?

"Brevity - the sister of talent."Catch phrase belongs to A. P.Chehovu.And he's right!Let your speech will take 3-4 minutes, no more, because 5 minutes - that's a lot.Why is that?Spreading the idea of ​​the tree, you do not focus on the primary audience - to whom and for which you are grateful.And guests get bored and your benefactor insulting.Will speak longer than 7 minutes - all the people will regret that he had come to congratulate you.On the festive table as delicacies, all swallow watered, and you have 30 (!) Minutes of expressing gratitude to friends for congratulations.It is unacceptable because torturing others.