Secrets of a bird of love, or why Capercaillie grouse call?

you ever thought about how well-aimed sometimes nicknames?Animal world - is no exception.If the names of many of its representatives to consider in terms of their prominent features, then we'll see how observant were people who invented them.That is why the Capercaillie grouse call?Let's face it.For this study a little bird and its habits.

What name is associated?

Let's come to a common, fairly obvious point of view.It is understood that the name of the resident forest is associated with a lack of ability to hear.That is the name of a bird, we just said, she was deaf.However, hunters in one voice say that it is not.This inhabitant of the forest has a very keen ear.To him hard to find, as with any (even perceived) danger, he takes flight.This is very interesting.Man does not see the bird, and she has published his hearing and begins taking off his heavy, making an incredible noise, as has the size of elephant by the standards of the feathered kingdom (male to 6.5 kg).It turns out that under normal circumstances a hunter does not see but only hear this coveted prey.Described clearly can not explain why named Capercaillie grouse.Even this is contrary to the name of the bird.

Blame habits

In the life of this forest resident period that should be considered in more detail.Having dealt with the physiology, you can understand why called capercaillie capercaillie.This unique period - courtship, or current.What happens?In early spring, the males begin to present themselves Hen.To do this, they perform their own unique song that consists of two parts.The first "aria" is called clicking.Imagine this huge cock paced the branches or the ground, straining wings, drawing them "mapped out", produces sounds similar to hitting the nail on the half-empty box of matches.Seeing a female, they go to the skrikanyu.It's a different sound, approximately similar to the chirping of magpies.In order for it to issue a bird blood fills a special fold, located in the ear canal.It makes it completely deaf for a few seconds.At this point, the bird vulnerable to attack.Now I understand why named Capercaillie grouse?He is interested in the love that loses alertness (so its created nature).

Do birds other names

areas, where this valuable prey for hunters, rather broad.While the man did not dominate wildlife, big "cocks" lived in all deciduous and coniferous forests.Now their "home" is much less, yet they occupy large areas.Therefore, it is clear that they have faced, and they were hunted various nations.Some deafness noticed birds during mating, the other - the habits of female woodcocks.It is during the laying of "buried" under the trees or fallen trees.It creates the nest to a position where it will be protected from rain and prying eyes.That is why the capercaillie called kapaluhoy.This name samochki.She "dug" out to provide the finishing masonry until the chicks.

Interesting facts

turns out, not all kinds of grouse lose hearing at tokovanii.Everything described concerns the biggest of these birds.It has very different habits of spruce grouse, but also refers to the capercaillie.This bird finer, prompt.It does not make noise during take-off, fewer runs.But, most importantly, her song does not lead to malfunction of the hearing aid.But the spruce grouse have a "deficiency" in no way contributes to the conservation of the species.Bird surprisingly trusting.Local even invented a name to her "humble grouse."This miracle is found in the Ussuri region, found on Sakhalin.

now summarize, having considered all the "how" and "why."Dubbed bird capercaillie because of the peculiarities of its physiology, evident during the mating season.Unfortunately, this dangerous quality are hunters of all kinds, both human and animal, are not contributing to the growth of populations of these birds.