Born to fly to crawl can not: truth or dare?

People's oral tradition, as is commonly believed, embodies the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of our ancestors, the experience of generations.We used to look at them as absolute truth, or at least as something ironic and hides the flaws of human life.

Everything flows, everything changes

However, the changes in the society encourage us to reconsider certain truths inherent in the consciousness of our ancestors.A striking example is a proverb which says that one who is destined to grovel, would not be able to climb up.The laws of elementary logic argue that in this case the opposite is true: born to crawl can not fly.But, of course, the essence of this proverb does not provide for such an interpretation.This is only an oxymoron, intended to emphasize the irrelevance of these words.Why is that?One can not but agree with the fact that most specimens of folk wisdom are not lost its rational grain and applicable in our time too.But exactly this wording - born to crawl can not fly - perfectly illustrates the relationship of modern man to the elements of the ancient stereotypes that our ancestors put before any frame is now unnecessary.

In changing times lost word

What is it?The idea is that each person from birth is given a narrow range of options, and go beyond it is not given to anyone.Roughly speaking, the place and time of birth determines being, quality of life, and perhaps even its term.No, of course, in some ways this is true now, because people from a rich family has a great potential to improve the quality and lengthening the period of his own life.However, in our time, we can safely say that most of the modern human civilization has gone beyond the hard classes."Born to crawl can not fly," - these words were as wrong as the primary form of proverbs in question.

Pride, clipped wings

no way should one argue that the conditions of modern life give complete freedom of self-realization, but we can safely say that the purpose of the existence of any civilization is precisely the ability to bestow wings everyone who is part of it.Even if you do not go into all sorts of "strategy" gaining success in life, not to talk about the importance of education, investment and other attributes of the career or creative growth, and just generally talk about consciousness.After all, the mind of modern man, his spirit, his creativity devoid of the fetters of nature.We can only take their own freedom and make use of it.There are numerous examples of personalities, which can in all seriousness say that born to crawl can not fly.Because a frame constructed social stereotypes or own ego prevents them to look at things realistically and not try to rise above the others.

Vigor spirit is indispensable for flight

As for that part of humanity (the hope is that we are talking about the most part), which looks at things in a sober and optimistic about their own capabilities, then they can be safe to say that the saying "born to crawl can not fly, "- it's not about them.By and large, they have soared because the realization of their own potential, the momentum for its implementation and a strong will, embodies this impulse in life - in themselves wings.However, one should always remember the words of the famous Russian poet and contemporary musician Zoe Yaschenko: "Not so important to have wings;it is important that they have suffered. "That is the very life of a man who wants to fly, it should be transformed into an eternal overcoming all the shackles that restrain its impulse.And then the words that born to crawl can not fly forever lost in a hail of successful attempts of those brave hearts, the spirit of bold and sober mind.To have a good harvest, you plant the seedlings.

freedom of the individual - freedom of spiritual flight

So can it be said that in our time is still worth talking about any kind of self-evident the limitations imposed on each of us at birth?Of course, each has its own conditions, but every person has the potential, which allows him to turn the shackles of the situation and circumstances into a launching pad for the flight.That is, for the realization of oneself as a unique individual.And then those who argue as if born to crawl can not fly is given, we will have to cease grumbling and either forget about pride, or to remain exiles in heaven free from the conventions of the human spirit.Because people are always drawn to the man, and talent, though doomed to a certain loneliness will never really alone.Talent is always there for someone, and embodied with someone.And because the spirit of freedom is guaranteed involvement in something bigger than just one person.And it is this "something" and leads humanity forward to the development of each of its particles.