Elena Nikolaeva - actress.

graceful and fragile girl, adoring large SUVs and simple daisy - the same actress Elena Nikolaeva.Films and serials with its participation in the last few years, positively perceived by many film critics and consistently collect a wide audience.

childhood and school years

Elena Nikolaeva - actress, known to us on such sensational films like "Girl", "The History of the spring draft," "House on the Embankment", has an interesting biography and a beautiful life story.She was born on February 9, 1983.Her mother - the famous ballet dancer.

Grandma Helen was also a person who is not alien to art.She was actively involved in amateur and played well in amateur theatricals.That she could see the makings of an actress at his granddaughter.

From 4 to 6 years old Lena very diligently engaged in artistic gymnastics.Everyone thought that she grew up, could become a world champion.But the grandmother of the future "stars" did not like that the girls were forbidden there to eat porridge, and she took it from


At 9 years old girl was admitted to the ballet school Borzov, and to 11 years - in the famous ensemble of Igor Moiseyev, where she was the youngest student.Successfully completed it and later danced in the military ensemble "Russian Sky".

Studying in GITIS

In 2001, Helen decided to go together with his girlfriend in the Moscow Art Theatre School, but was not able to get there.She decided not much upset and act for the next year, only in the theatrical institute.I brush up next summer and entered GITIS (RATA).She studied at the actress at the directing department under the direction of A. Kudryashov.

first role ...

Elena Nikolaeva - the actress who played major roles in the great many domestic films and serials.Her work extraordinarily talented and stunningly realistic.

the first time Elena Nikolaeva starred in a movie in 2003.It was the movie "History of the spring draft", which tells about the relationship Wani, who wants to serve in the landing forces, and the light that seeks "otmazatsya" Man and ready to do anything for him, even to the seduction of a major military office.Elena played the role of a friend of the girl.

In 2006, the future actress graduated from GITIS and enrolled in the "Theatre of Nations".After his new place of work became widely known "Workshop Oleg Kudryashov."

... and the first success

In 2007, Elena Nikolaeva together with such famous actors as Kupchenko Irina and Alexei Petrenko, played in the drama "The house on the coast."The film was a huge popularity of it responds very well to criticism.

It was after this movie a young actress began to learn on the streets.She gained some popularity and began to receive from the trendy filmmakers interesting suggestions about the shooting.In that same 2007 she had roles in "Pen and Sword", "Roly-poly", "Customer confidence."

From "Girls" to "Phonograms passionĀ»

In 2008, a good role fell to Elena Nikolaeva, both from the "horn of plenty".She starred in "Girl" - film about a simple Moscow schoolgirl Lena Yartsev dream of a luxurious life, but go to prison and finding his true vocation - singing.

Elena Nikolaeva All songs sung by yourself.She also became the co-author of the famous chief hit "trap."For excellent performance the actress received a special prize from Andrei Tarkovsky, president of the II International Film Festival.Interestingly, this film stars namesake girls - Elena Nikolaeva Vladislavovna.

purchased on-set experience and increased skill helped Elena played well in the film "I'll be back" with Alexander Porohovschikova, Elizabeth Boyar and Alla Rogovtseva.She got the role of Ghouls - a girl with a difficult and cantankerous character.

In 2009, she starred in the melodrama "The soundtrack of passion."For acting job in this film actress she was awarded the "People's Choice Award" and the TV series "Scythian Gold" also became very popular.

Elena Nikolaeva.Filmography, new facets of talent

Other films starring Elena Nikolaeva, also famous for "Helpline" (Lucy), "Roly-poly" (daughter of a businessman Tanya), "Method Freud" (intern investigation department Lidia Fadeev), "Vij ".

Elena Nikolaeva, whose filmography includes more than two dozen works, does not get tired to be always different, but equally interesting for all categories of viewers.We list some of the most successful of her works.

film "Two winters and three summers" (Barbara Inyahina) tells the story of a large family Pryaslins, collective farm chairman Anfisa Minina, severe Secretary of the Communist Evdokimov Podrezova veterans Lukashin and lively Barbara Inyahine, gave to understand that it is - a welcome guest in her home.The war years, a sense of Lukashin and Anfisa Minina to each other, hard work and strong people who are trying to cope with all the adversity - that is what is shown in this film.

Drama "archipelago-18" (Tatiana's sister Andrew) shocked many viewers.Commando Eugene Sormat sent to Karelia and takes with him a letter a few years ago the deceased Andrei Yegorov.He gathers all the family of his friend and tells all, and then going back.It delays the storm.At this time, Elena accidentally finds weapons smugglers.And now they have three - Helen, Eugene and Tatiana are being held hostage by terrorists.

Elena Nikolaeva, who swelled filmography good acting job in "broody" (Ales), and has a talent for comedy.The plot of this film is simple: a few women get to Cuba to disrupt the wedding of Alice and Cyril.They will go through a lot to get it right, for instance, to fly to Panama and spend the night at the police station.

series "As long as the Fern Blooms" (Olesya Murashova) - a fairy tale, which is full of real-life situations and recognizable events.Journalist Cyril suddenly finds himself in the Altai, mystical vastness that is born strange thoughts and comedic situations.Parallel worlds turns intersect.And at their meetings occur sometimes strange things.

must say that all the heroines who plays Elena Nikolaeva, obtained a really good, strong, honest people, makes us think about the main thing every viewer.Maybe that's why she has such a great track record.

What connects Elena Nikolaeva and Igor Nikolaev?

in domestic tabloids can often see all kinds of stories that actress Elena Nikolaeva - the wife of Igor Nikolaev.Indeed, young love and the first wife of the singer and composer Igor Nikolayev named Elena.It is a full namesake of the actress, but it is two completely different people.The first wife of Igor Nikolayev now lives in the US and in Russia practically does not appear.But Igor Nikolayev today is married to Julia Proskuryakova.

truth about his personal life

Actress Yelena Nikolayeva has been married for more than a decade, her husband called Constantine.We know little about him: he is far from the film industry, and does not like to talk to journalists.Since she met her future husband on a trip, when I went with my mother to the sea immediately after GITISa.

Elena Nikolaeva - happy mother of two lovely children.She has a 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter (currently 2014).After the birth of children Elena has opened a new aptitudes and talents.Now she loves to cook and do needlework.Color clothes actress chooses the mood.This is usually yellow, gray and brown.She loves flowers - tulips and daisies.

Currently, the actress is headed by Yevgeny Mironov Theater of Nations.Biography Elena Nikolaeva - clear evidence of what can be achieved plain, but amazingly talented girl.

Elena Nikolaeva - the actress has not only an extraordinary artistic talent, but also the makings of a great director.Maybe soon she dares to try myself in a new role, and we will see its first independent work in this capacity.