The most popular in Russia name and its origin

«What's in a name my ..." once wrote Pushkin in the album Carolina Sobanskaya known in noble circles the beautiful polka, addressing her one of his best lyrical works.To paraphrase the famous poet, let us say otherwise: and that means our names, why some people seem to be attractive, harmonious, while others cause a negative reaction?

Business Card

About what is the most popular in Russia name, without proof can argue long.After all, how many people, so many tastes, and therefore the opinions about the same amount.But if you analyze the statistics and remember that is the personification of everything Russian "Ivan", there is nothing surprising in another fact.All derived from it as high frequency and widely disseminated.

It is clear that the most popular in Russia name, calling card, so to speak, the domestic anthroponimics - Ivanov.It was worn over a plurality of centuries peasants - the most numerous class of the population.Even so there was a saying: "We Ivanov as toadstools, mushrooms."What is remarkable: in order to "refine" plebeian origins of names, some of its owners in the late 19th - early 20th century began to change with the accent on the last syllable of the first, with the sound of "a" to "a".For example, as did one of the most outstanding poets of the Silver Age Vyacheslav Ivanov.This substitution did not affect the fact that it was the most popular in the name of Russia, and it remains to this day.

Smirnov from Smirnykh

Perhaps now many will be surprised that once was common among the common name of Smyrna.So the parents in large, noisy and loud families with children was that the peas in the field, and obedience are not particularly different, isolated calm, silent, nestroptivyh offspring.Later, as usual, formed from the name of the nickname.And because it has already received another one the most popular in the Russian surname - Smirnov.She became famous for numerous representatives in the Northern Volga region, Kostroma and Yaroslavl, as well as other neighboring provinces and districts.

When the profession determines the name

Often nicknames (the original name names) were given to people based on how they were engaged in an occupation.For example, a blacksmith in Russia appreciated almost its weight in gold.Profession, this was considered very prestigious, honorable, respected.None of the village did not do without a blacksmith.Because the most popular in Russia name, along with the already listed - Kuznetsova.Initially, that was the name of children, whose father worked in the smithy.Then he got the nickname status of a full proper name.A similar analogy, by the way, many in foreign anthroponyms.Particularly good examples we see among the Germans.Muller surname, which means the miller, was of almost half the population of Germany, and it is just as revealing as the Kuznetsov and Ivanov.A Fisher (remember the great chess player?) - A fisherman, Schmidt - also a blacksmith.

nicknamed in honor of birds

This popular Russian names, of course, does not end there.Widely known for the Romanovs, "high-frequency" Popova, Morozov, Ermakova, Tikhonov.

Entire kind of take their origins from the nicknames of those settlements, where their ancestors first settled.But another phenomenon onomastics: the most popular Russian name "bird" origin - Sokolov.There is nothing surprising.Hunting - not only one of the basic means of production of food of the ancient Slavs, including the Russian peasants and villagers later centuries.Falconry is hunting - our national sport.At the court of the king-priest, as well as the richest nobles (boyars) was a falconer - a special job.Occupies it had to train and maintain proper form of hunting falcons.From the same series were popular in Russian families, eagles, Lebedev.And in general, the names of birds and animals - one of the main sources of our nicknames.Volkov, venison, lions, Medvedev, carp, catfish, etc. Ershov. D. - Clear proof of that.

This curious

linguist Boris H. Unbegaum at the beginning of the last century, having analyzed the metric data and address books of 1910, determined as it is now customary to say, the top one hundred most frequent in the State Russian surnames.Opens the list, of course, Ivanova.Then came Vasilyev and Petrov, Smirnov and Mikhailov.That is, we have already described breakdowns principle - on behalf of a surnamed.