Emin Agalarov (Emin Agalarov): biography and personal life

Emin Agalarov - a bright, charismatic personality.It simultaneously is fundamentally different business areas - music and financial as well as real estate development.Horace Emin oglu (the full name of a public person) can be claimed and to be glamorous singer, and consist in the circles of the business elite, leading the global company Crocus Group.For many young people Emin Agalarov is now a role model, "the hero of time" and the epitome of success in all human relations.I wonder how he has achieved all of this?

Emin Agalarov: biography

young man was born in Baku on December 12, 1979.So, on the western horoscope he is Sagittarius, and ET - sheep (or goat).

In 1983 the family moved to Moscow.Emin was sent to study in a private school in Switzerland.Then his parents left Russia (in 1994) and went to the United States.The move has been associated with the work of his father, who headed the joint venture (with the Americans).Emin Agalarov lived there until 2001.He graduated from New York College (Marymount Manhattan College) and graduated with a specialty "business management in the financial sector."

Emin have a sister - Sheila Agalarov.Their parents are the Aras and Irina Agalarovy.

Parents familiar with the school, were married after graduation.Irina has been teaching and Aras - Polytechnic.Irina even had to work as a translator at the Ministry, and then she taught English at a school.

Aras Agalarov - the owner and president of Empire Crocus Group, one of Russia's richest men.Candidate of Economic Sciences and the author of books on the subject.

About studies

Emin Agalarov some time he studied in Switzerland, in effect, paving the way to future Russian students.However, his parents felt there the training is not too productive.

Living in the United States, Emin Agalarov, studied and worked at the same time.He worked in his father's company and simultaneously build your business with friends (clothing stores and shoes).Aras Agalarov said that children must work to understand the value of money and be able to earn their own.

businessman Emin Agalarov

young man holds the post of Vice President in the company of his father in 2012.It is responsible for projects such as the network of shopping malls (Vegas), Restaurant "EdokovĀ», Rose Bar, Shore, Nobu and shopping center "Crocus City Mall", and concert complex "Crocus City Hall."The main direction of the company Emin - search, the introduction and development of innovative, non-standard solutions in the organization of leisure and entertainment for visitors to shopping and entertainment centers.

long time business activity was the main thing in the life of Emin.On his return from America he came to his father's company for the position of commercial director.Built business center in Moscow, organized by the Yacht Club in the "Crocus City Mall".

active musical career did not prevent him from being a successful businessman.This Emin has a lot of other hobbies - riding on motorbikes, swimming, and so on. D.

singer Emin

professionally engaged in music was not something unexpected.Emin long been drawn to it, and all began in childhood, when he heard a small selflessly Elvis Presley.Today, many critics compare the manner of performance Emin so, as did Elvis.

debut took place even in America when Emin was 18 years old in the show Open Mic Night in New Jersey.Then he had to sing in bars, but he continued to dream of music.However, his first full-length album was released only in 2006.It was called Still.

was then 5 more albums.3 of them (Incredible, Obsession, Devotion) were produced in Russia, and the remaining 2 (Wonder and After The Thunder) - the product of collaboration with producer Brian global Rowling.

Singles Emin regularly take top place in European music charts.His popularity has been recognized in Russia, where he gives concerts in his home "Crocus Hall."Song Agalarov (All I Need Tonight collection of Wonder) joined the charity project of David Lynch, which was attended by celebrities such as Alanis Morissette, Moby, Iggy Pop, Dave Stewart.Emin was the only representative from Russia.In 2012, he was a special guest at the "Eurovision" in his native Baku.Azerbaijan Agalarov gives regular concerts, which are impossible to get tickets.

musical alias of singer and businessman - Emin.They, he signs his albums and posters.She sings mostly in English, but there are in his piggy bank and Russian compositions.

Life Playboy

In the year the release of his first album (2006), singer and businessman married.His wife was the daughter of the president of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva.The wedding had to play 2 times - in Baku and then in Moscow.Congratulations to newlyweds sent people like Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush.

Emin not only ask for the hand of his beloved from her parents, but also permission of to begin to look after it.In 2008, Emin and Leila were born twin boys - Mikail and Ali.

Emin Agalarov, wife Leyla and their children live in different countries.Mother with children - in London, and he is - in Moscow.To see the boys Emin flies every week for them.The wife of the singer is not sitting idly by: she has been active in public life, headed by Cultural Foundation and publishes the magazine.

Children Emin Agalarov, by his own admission, grow spoiled with attention and toys, which they have so much that they do not have time to play with them.


No wonder that such a bright, talented and successful man is a hero constantly rumors and gossip.So, in May of last year, we began to say that Emin Agalarov divorced.He himself has denied this, saying that the reason for this lies in the gossip that his wife, they live in different countries.It is adding fuel to the fire, and that Emin is often seen in the company of beautiful women.

hero of his time

Such is Emin Agalarov.His biography is somewhat reminiscent of the way and becoming a US citizen, who was able to realize the "American dream."Emin said that he always sought in all, though start training and other assets, of course, received from his father.Whatever it was, but Emin definitely represents a new generation of human, the other format that can combine pragmatism, intelligence, sense of humor, good taste, upbringing, education, comprehensive development and the ability to achieve their goals.