Historic St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery

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human life inevitably ends.Once again admit this obvious fact as it is not accepted.However, any locality is in the neighborhood of the cemetery, and a big city surrounded them on all sides.Cemeteries - an essential element of urban infrastructure.Look closely to one of them.In terms of maintenance and beautification of cemeteries, much can be said about the administrative management and the culture of society.These things are always linked directly.

For eastern outskirts of Moscow

Nicholas Archangel Cemetery rightly considered to be one of the largest in Moscow.Its territory is located in the Moscow region, Balashikha district.Not far from it is located behind the Moscow Ring Road area Novokosino.Based Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery was in 1960, according to the decision of the Moscow City Council.It received its name in honor of the historic village, near which it was allocated under the territory.Today it covers an area of ​​196 hectares, and the free space on it is almost gone.New cemetery allocated territory under the Moscow authorities to a much greater distance from the capital.In an administrative sense, Nicholas Archangel Cemetery is a subdivision of the State Unitary Enterprise "Ritual", which manages most of the Moscow cemeteries.


Today, the ritual of cremation is quite common.However, in the old days he often met opposition as contrary to the national burial traditions.Nicholas Archangel Cemetery was one of the first in Moscow, where he opened a crematorium.Held it back in 1973, the complex was built on an individual project.At the time, he was not only one of the first and largest in Europe.Today crematorium Nicholas Archangel Cemetery daily basis to forty cremations.Fire burial has long been familiar, and does not cause particular objection.Mainly, the ritual of cremation has become attractive for financial reasons.The cost of the ceremony fit into the standard fare - 3600 rubles.Burial urns with ashes in the columbarium niche is also very affordable and eliminates the need for costly construction of a memorial on the grave headstones.


resources currently the cemetery is almost exhausted.So here are made only related disposal, as well as room urns with ashes in the columbarium wall or in a related grave.Nicholas Archangel Cemetery, opening hours depend on the season of the year, is open to visitors.From May to September, access to its territory is open from 9 am to 19 pm daily and from October to April, from 9 to 17 hours.Funeral rites are made from 10 to 17 daily.

Location terrain

cemetery consists of two parts: the central and eastern.Its territory was formed in stages, so the scheme Nicholas Archangel Cemetery quite complicated and not always logical.A total of 172 marked its site, with some numbers are repeated twice, and some are missing altogether.For possible updates is best to refer to the administration.Service and other structures are located near the main portal.The eastern part of the cemetery has a separate entrance.It should be noted that the entire cemetery is well landscaped and conforms to generally accepted standards of landscaping.There is a need the information infrastructure in the form of marking sites and indexes the direction of movement along the paths.The detailed scheme of the cemetery can be seen in each of the two entrances on its territory.

Temples and remarkable places

on the territory of St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery are two Orthodox churches - the Church of the Holy Virgin at the northwest entrance to the chapel and Martyr Varus at the central entrance.Martyr Varus - Orthodox saint, having the grace to turn to God in prayer for death is accepted Holy Baptism.In the churchyard of St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery found the last refuge of many important figures of the Russian science, culture, art, cinema and public service.Here are buried 40 Russian Heroes and Hero of the Soviet Union.At the cemetery are the graves of the sailors of the submarine "Kursk" and special forces who died during the liberation of the hostages from the school seized by terrorists in the North Ossetian town of Beslan.Here are the graves of those who died in the terrorist attack on the building of the theater center on Dubrovka Street in Moscow.These commemorative events includes many in the modern Russian history titled "Nord-Ost".

Nicholas Cemetery Arkhangelsk: how to get

Connections cemetery with the capital provided mainly by shuttle buses leave from several subway stations.From "Vykhino" to Nicholas Archangel Cemetery follows the bus route 706, from "Schelkovskogo" - bus number 760. On vehicles traveling on these routes, you can sit at the bus stop and near the metro station "Buy".From the same station to the cemetery can be reached by taxi.During Easter week, especially in the Parent's Day, when the influx of visitors to the cemetery many times higher than normal, always indulges additional rolling stock for the 706 and 760 routes.In addition, it opens the temporary routes departing from other points of the city.