Women's profession, disturbing men

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Argued that men are less interested in careers beautiful ladies, much stronger than they care about nature and the other half of the external data.However, representatives of certain professions excite man's imagination because they are very popular.

Which women's specialty cause the greatest sympathy of the stronger sex, it was found in the survey, which was attended by more than 2500 thousands of men all over Russia.

first place in men's hearts firmly occupy the stewardess so honored for the beauty, reliability and kindness and helpfulness that they attribute to 8% of men.

Slightly less fans (7%) won the women doctors and nurses, which voted 6% of respondents.The hospital employee men perceive beauty, neatness, seriousness and unavailability, which are always held in high esteem.Servants of art - actress, singer, dancer, television workers enjoy the love 6% of men, because of their expressive and creative talents.It attracts and their inaccessibility, as few men can boast of familiarity with these nymphs, and the unknown and the unknown is always attractive.

paid to the beautiful ladies have always been taking care of the home, cleanliness and comfort in the home and raising children - in this and manifested their distinguishing feature - femininity.So say 5% of the respondents, and cast their votes in favor of housewives.Men, even on a subconscious level, always worried about the problem of procreation.Therefore, the main characters of secret dreams 4% of the respondents are women, interacting with children - teachers, nurses, teachers.Due to the specifics of their work, they are wonderful mothers surveyed say men.

Women held leadership positions and toiler figures - accountants, economists, financiers, and demand by the male population.They expressed a preference for 4% of men.

police uniform on a woman is a desire to have 3% of the respondents, as well as the legendary secretary, also won recognition 3% of the respondents.

Another 2% of the vote won by women lawyers.Representatives of all the professions, in the opinion of men, distinguished by a sharp mind, an iron will and seriousness.

other professions in the list of which hit the journalist, writer, translator, athletes, waitress, a business woman, and even, oddly enough - the model found an echo in the hearts of 4% of men.From this list the most respected athletes cause - according to a strong half of humanity, they shoulder any case, thanks to the excellent physical shape and strong-willed character.

8% of respondents could not find specific attachments to a particular specialty.

The survey found that 36% of men do not tend to any ladies' function, for them the woman is always a woman, regardless of her professional career.This convinced the men to age.Among the respondents who gave similar answers, 33% belong to the age group of 20 years and a little older, and 46% reached the age of 50.

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