Lipstick celebrates its 125th anniversary

French perfumers presented in 1883, the lipstick at the World Exhibition in Amsterdam.It looked like a cosmetic stick, wrapped in tissue paper.The European Community then reacted negatively to the lipstick because believed to have an erotic impact on men.They thought that lipstick - a subject not for respectable women.

only a great actress Sarah Bernhardt enthusiastically accepted this invention, christened a new solid lipstick «Stylo d'amour» - «love of the pen," and one of the first famous women appearing in public with lipstick.

These unique artifacts belong to the private collection of the famous German top-up artist René Koch.Here and beauty of one of Germany's first beauty salons in Berlin, opened Elizabeth Arden.

Kiss Mireille Mathieu from the collection of Rene Koch.

So nondescript look first lipstick wrapped in tissue paper (samples 1883-1886 period).

first lipstick was extremely expensive and therefore moisturizers do for them as expensive and original.A unique set of lipstick tubes, hand-carved cherry wood, and attached to it is also made of cherry wood box for storage.

Photo American actress, the future Grand Duchess of Monaco Grace Kelly with the owner of the well-known perfumes and cosmetics company Este Lauder.Left in the original gold-tube coral lipstick, specially designed for the wedding of actress Lauder with Prince Rainier in 1956.Prior to the "color revolutions" in the shade of the fondant business has ever had.

Honey lipstick demanding and expensive design: unique tubes of gold with precious stones of 30-40 years.

unique set - a mirror with lipstick holders of gilded silver.

first German women's magazine with recommendations on the proper use of lipstick.

first sets makeup of the powder and the new lipstick in a tube with a rotating mechanism (postwar invention of Americans).Sets of "Vogue" and "Le Raj 'in velvet box, powder and lipstick cases of gilded copper.

Lipstick company "Flora" was in Soviet times, the most popular in the Soviet Union, not only because it was more accessible and cheaper French, but also very high quality.

unique lipstick precious jewel cases, belonged to the famous Evitte Peron - wife of former Argentine president Juan Peron.

owner provided her unique collection of lipsticks, lipstick advertising and "lips" of celebrities with their autographs is a well-known German top-up artist René Koch.

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