Nuclear reactor (circuit) in the "Maynkraft".

If you play "Maynktraft" and know about the modification called "Industrial Craft", then you are likely familiar with the terrible problem of energy shortages.Almost all the interesting mechanisms that you can build using this mode, consumes energy.So you definitely need to know how to develop it at the same time that it has always been enough.There are several sources of energy - you can get it even from coal by burning it in the oven.But you need to understand what happens very small amount of energy.So you need to look for the best sources.Most of the energy you can get from the nuclear reactor.Scheme for it may vary depending on what you want to target - on the efficiency or performance.

effective reactor

In "maynkraft" is very difficult to collect a large amount of uranium.Accordingly, you will not be easy to build a full-fledged nuclear reactor scheme which would be designed for low fuel consumption with high impact energy.But do not despair - it is still possible there is a certain set of schemes that will help you achieve your goals.The most important thing in any scheme - is the use of quad uranium rod, which enables you to maximize energy production with a small amount of uranium, as well as high-quality reflectors, which will reduce fuel consumption.Thus, you can build an effective nuclear reactor - the scheme for him at the same time may vary.

Driving reactor fuel rods

So to start is to consider a nuclear reactor, the scheme which is based on the use of quad uranium rod.To get started you will need to get it, as well as the very Iridium reflectors that allow you to get the most out of the fuel rod.It is best to use four of them - the so-maximum efficiency.You must also provide your advanced reactor heat exchangers in the amount of 13 pieces.They will constantly make attempts to equalize the temperature of the surrounding elements and of itself, thereby cooling the body.And, of course, can not do without overclocked and component heat sinks - first you will need as many as 26 pieces, and the second will be enough ten.This overclocked heat sink temperature is lowered and the body itself, while the component heat sinks reduce the temperature of the surrounding elements, while they themselves do not heat up.If we consider the scheme of nuclear reactor IC2 Experimental, then this is the most effective.However, you can use another option, replacing the uranium rod in the MOX.

Driving reactor rod MOX

If you create a nuclear reactor "Maynkraft" scheme may be diverse, but if you aim at maximum efficiency, you do not have to choose among the many - it is better to use thewhich has been described above, or use of this, in which the main element is a rod MOX.In this case, you can opt out of the heat exchangers, using only heat sinks, only this time the component shall be the most - 22, 12 accelerated enough and add a new view - reactor heat.It cools both himself and the body - such you will need to install three.Such a reactor would require a little more fuel, but yield much more energy.Here is how you can create a full-fledged nuclear reactor.Diagrams (1.6.4), however, are not limited effectiveness - and you can concentrate on performance.

reactor productivity

Each reactor consumes a certain amount of fuel, and produces a specific amount of energy.As you know, the scheme of nuclear reactor in Industrial Craft can be formulated in such a way that it will consume little fuel, but at the same time to produce enough energy.But what if you have enough uranium, and you will not regret it for energy production?Then you can make sure to have a reactor that will produce very, very much energy.Naturally, in this case, too, need to build their structure is not random, and in great detail all to think that fuel consumption was the most reasonable in the production of large amounts of energy.Plans for a nuclear reactor in Minecraft, in this case may be different, so you need to consider two main.

Performance with uranium rods

If the efficiency of the circuit of a nuclear reactor was used for only one piece of uranium rods or MOX rods, in this case means that you have a large amount of fuel.So the productivity of the reactor will require you to 36 uranium quad cores, and 18 coolers 320K.The reactor will burn uranium to produce energy, but the cooler will protect it from exploding.Accordingly, you need to constantly monitor the reactor - a cycle when the scheme lasts 520 seconds, and if in that time you do not replace the cooling, the reactor will explode.

Performance and rods MOX

Actually, in this case, absolutely nothing has changed - you have to install the same number of cores and the same number of coolers.The cycle also is 520 seconds, so always monitor the process.Remember that if you make a large amount of energy, there is always the danger that the reactor explodes, so closely behind him.