A fascinating journey through the realm of Morpheus: mushrooms.

Dreams - one of the most mysterious phenomena in human life.Dreams, helping the body recover realize our innermost desires, and sometimes terribly afraid or discouraged their "meaningless" content.

I must say that the dream for a long time to play in human life an important role.This is evidenced not only the works of Freud and many downers, interprets the content of dreams.Of the highest importance to dreams give the people themselves, passing from one generation to the interest in this phenomenon.

world of dreams does not know the prohibitions and restrictions, here, anything is possible: dreams, meeting with deceased relatives.Among the dreams there are those that are understood by the dreamer man, and those that cause a lot of questions.

It is the second category, we would have carried the dreams in which one way or another appear mushrooms.As a rule, people who have seen the mushrooms in a dream, the questions arise: "To see the mushrooms collected in a dream - it's good or bad? How can decipher a dream in which you eat mushrooms? What are these dreams?"Try to understand.It should be noted that the interpretation of "mushroom" of sleep are important nuances: the type of mushrooms, quantity, location, etc.

One of the easiest answer boils down to the following point of view.Sleep - a response to a particular stimulus in our lives.And when you consider that mushrooms are edible, it is easy to assume that the dream of a mushroom - a reaction to the "mushroom hunger."Such dreams often appear in the mushroom season, when the shelves are filled with an abundance of a variety of mushrooms.

If we consider the dreams of mushrooms from the point of Freudianism, reduced to the position that most of the images of sleep are associated with sexual side of life and symbolize the feminine or masculine, it is clear that symbolizes the fungus.With the shape of a phallus, the fungus draws attention to the carnal pleasures and delights.Many of the commentators supported in varying degrees this view.Thus, it is believed that seeing mushrooms in a dream - a passionate love, satisfaction, an active sex life.Mushrooms collected in a dream - good luck, gather mushrooms in the dream of a young woman - a dubious pleasure, forbidden love.In ancient Rus' dream of mushrooms foreshadowed passion and success.There is even an opinion that the mushrooms in a dream - a pregnancy.

now turn to the interpretation of "mushroom" dreams of the many dream-books, which are in great demand among the population.

To see mushrooms in the dream - good luck, prosperity and success.Mushrooms collected in a dream - a good sign.If a person in a dream mushrooms, that in his life he will face a pleasant surprise or reward.However, all this applies only to non-poisonous mushrooms, while the latter portend trouble, intrigue and bad news, the betrayal of loved ones.There

mushrooms - a pleasure, a long and happy life, but to treat someone fungus is not a very good sign, most likely person to face humiliation.At the same time get the mushrooms as treats - to better health.Buying or selling mushrooms symbolizes a successful purchase.

Equally important in the interpretation of "mushroom" dreams matter what kind of mushroom man sees.Mushrooms and toadstools symbolize trouble mushrooms - most careers, truffles - a life in pleasure, morels - good health.

Definitely a good omen - to dream of mushrooms, collecting ceps in a dream - you will find success and prosperity, has a dream porcini mushrooms - to a long life.

If you dream gaze presents a whole mushroom field, the man in your life should be careful, someone from the inner circle can hurt.See clearing which have already been collected mushrooms, be in a difficult situation, need advice.

Thus, any manipulation of the mushrooms that we are able to dream: to gather mushrooms, there are mushrooms to treat someone or take as food, - have their values ​​and promise either joy or pleasure or danger.