Dream interpretation: the berries in a dream

In the dream, the human brain is resting, restoring strength and energy reserves for the whole day.However, this does not mean that it stops working.In the dream, some of the functions of the brain as all active.It is thanks to the work of the brain we dream wonderful dreams.Some of them referred to prophetic.Prophetic dreams predict the future events we are able to direct our thoughts in the right direction.In the dream, we come to the right people, we can see special things and objects, so you should carefully review every dream, because he can explain and tell a lot of interesting.The main thing correctly to interpret what they see.

How to interpret dream book berries?Try to remember the color of the berries were.Black heralds regret any actions.Think twice before prick and hurt a man.White says about achieving your success.Your aspirations will not go free, go ahead without fear of failure.How to interpret dream interpretation, dream of red berries to tears and frustration.Yellow - to betray a loved one.

explains the significance of such dreams, dream interpretation?The berries are collected - to something good.Expect great news.In this period of life the fate favorable to you, problems can be solved by themselves, failures bypassed.If you dream, if you press the berries to make jam, it says that you're close to your goal, but you do not have enough self-confidence and good intuition.How to interpret the dream book, pick berries in the large meadow suggests that you run after two hares.You want to succeed, but apply the insufficient efforts.If you dream, if you collect berries in a large basket where they can wrinkle your good intentions will turn to you some troubles and troubles.If you dream you are collecting the fruits in a basket, but does not increase the number of berries is a disease.Your body is not strong enough to cope on their own.

What else will talk about these dreams, dream interpretation?Berries wine means that you earn an honest way of work.If you move out in a dream wine berry - wait for wealth or simply improve on the job.If you dream, if you eat them - perhaps in your life will relationship.Do not run away from them, the fate of never gives anything for nothing.Eat raspberries in a dream?Everything in your life is quite simple and easy.You will achieve your goals easily.If you had a gooseberry - you will find a nasty quarrel.This bush thorns symbolize the taunts of words and the pain of a quarrel.If you dream of a bunch of red currants, it says that your life lacks sharpness and new experiences.Take a vacation and take a trip on vacation in an exotic country.How to interpret the dream book, black currant foreshadow the loss a loved one.If you dream of blueberries - is to improve health.If you're finally you can get better.Lingonberries and cranberries - sour grapes, so when he saw them in a dream, do not expect life will be sweet.Now you have to face the difficulties, which, however, is very easily solved.Strawberry dream a blissful mood and success.

If you dream of rotten black berries - beware of deception on the part of your circle of friends.If you eat rotten berries in a dream, and you feel bad - you should look closely at your life.Probably, you are spoiling your life, making the unloved job, meeting with unloved man.Do not waste your life on the suffering and distress.If you dream of berry mix, your life will turn into a cluttered and, at the same time, will be full of bright events.The main thing in this situation, learn from the life of the best, the brightest.Does not close in themselves, go meet their desires and goals.