Authentic Leadership

key quality leader - is the ability to lead people.That lead, not guide.How many of you consider yourself a leader?

for starters - a true story.

in the Middle East, there are two countries separated by a common boundary.Each state specializes in the breeding of sheep and lamb production.The cultures of these countries radically different from each other, because of what each country sees its neighbor as an enemy only.

In one country, the shepherds go behind the sheep herds.In another - they go at their head.

And do not forget - all this - only a true story.

In a country where the shepherds are back of the stage, the quality of wool and lamb is very low, so that the profit from this discount.

In a country where the shepherds are ahead of the herd, the quality of wool and lamb is beyond praise, and arrived there appropriate.

Why do you think?

In a country where the shepherd goes behind the herd and all the time watching, directs and pushes in the right direction, young sheep tend not to fight back from the herd, as the fear that they will strike the shepherd staff or send them dogs.They simply do not have the possibility to look for a better feed or play with other lambs.Growing up, they completely lose the initiative, become obedient and apathetic.They can not be called healthy.This sheep, which are sent.

In a country where the shepherds are ahead of the herd is nothing to prevent young sheep to play, experiment and even fend off the stage - and then to come back to him.These animals do not feel either depressed or oppressed, because they provided the freedom that they can use in their own interests.They sleep better, eat better, and grow up healthy.This sheep being led.

So which one of you, and in fact occupies a leading position in the business?

only way to achieve true leadership is to be a true leader.It is impossible to be a true leader only by reading books, attending seminars.The only way to achieve it - go ahead, "herd", encouraging it by example.

If you want to be a leader and to attract people with extraordinary abilities, you need to first of all develop these abilities in yourself.

All genuine leaders continue to work on themselves as long as it does not bring them tangible results.It has to do, and every one of us.

Learn to be strong, but not rude.This is what you need to learn for anyone who wants to become an effective leader, has a broad spectrum of possibilities.

Learn to be kind, but not weak.Do not confuse these two qualities.Compassion has nothing to do with weakness.Rather, it is one of the parties force.We must be kind enough to tell the person the truth, because only in this manifested genuine participation.Only kindness lets say things as they are, without introducing human error.

Learn to be bold but not reckless.To win, we need courage.And if you want to be a leader in the group, you need to stand at the head of it.You must be willing to assume the first blow, the first to tackle the problem and the first to detect possible difficulties.

Learn to be humble, but not timid.Timid people will never reach true peaks in the business.Modesty is a virtue, whereas shyness can be compared with the disease.From it you must get rid of, otherwise it will create a lot of problems.Modesty is always indicative of the nature of the sublime.Be modest - means to understand all the difference between us and the stars, and yet feel that we are part of these stars.

Learn to be proud, but not arrogant.Impossible to win without pride, as this quality is the basis of a healthy ambition.Pride is needed to build the right relationship for successful resolution of cases as well as to achieve its goals are.

Do not forget to develop a sense of humor, but at the same time do not be ridiculous.It is very important for the present leader.If you want to become such a leader, learn to be witty, but not reckless, funny, but not a fool.

And do not avoid reality.Do not close your eyes to the truth.Rid yourself of torment.Just accept life as it is a network.Remember - our life is unique.And leadership itself is also unique.Not surprisingly, those skills that are appropriate for a leader, are completely unsuitable for another.Yet the fundamental skills of leadership can be used anywhere - at work, at home or in the company of like-minded people.

true leader - is an ordinary man who is always ready for any unexpected situation.

If you properly reflect on this definition, you will see that each of us can become a true leader.All babies have generally the same innate skills and abilities.Just over time, growing up, we learn in different ways to respond to all kinds of unforeseen situations, which ultimately forms the difference between our leadership qualities.

So authentic leaders:

• lovingly refer to what they do;

• enthusiastically accepted as a solution to any problem;

• eager to learn as much as possible about the direction in which they work;

• follow the example of leaders who have achieved success;

• respects to those who follow them;

• rejoice in the results that brings them the lead;

• Do not praise their merits before the other, and continue to learn and to acquire all the new experiences;

• have a rich imagination that allows them not to rest on our laurels;

• develop a genuine thirst for life and a desire to immerse your head in what they are engaged.

Success does not come to those who do not have true leadership skills.Therefore, try as much as possible to develop these qualities so as not to regret later on missed opportunities.What is the essence of true leadership?The ability to convince his followers that you are better versed in their situation have greater wisdom to cope with any unforeseen circumstances, as well as more than their fortitude.And if you can not convince their people, they will not make a single step behind you.

Leadership - is the ability to configure the other people so that they do exactly what you need.Authentic leaders:

• believe in what they are doing;

• inspire faith in others;

• are dedicated;

• have a well-organized speech and are able to express their thoughts clearly and is available;

• find common ground with everyone, regardless of their level of education and development;

• always watching their appearance, because they realize that a well-groomed person makes a good impression on others;

• are able to engage in a conversation the interlocutor;

• confident - sometimes even too much;

• endure any trouble;

• skillful use of power;

• absolutely confident in their abilities;

• tolerant;

• have enough patience;

• perfectly understand the situation - at least able to convince the others.

True leaders possess:

• humility, based on patience;

• purposefulness;

• strength of will;

• charisma;

• subtlety of perception;

• clarity of consciousness;

• and each of them is also a strong personality.

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