How does puberty girls?

When a girl is transformed from an ugly duckling into a swan?Remember how often it happens, at first it was awkward, it was teased at school, and then began the transformation.And by the end of high school girl becomes a princess.Why is this happening?A "fault" the whole (although it is not the fault, but rather a merit) is puberty in girls.

Parents need to know that it does not occur suddenly in a year or two.According to specialists, puberty girls stretched for a period of 8-10 years and is constantly completed.

first period - 7-8 years.No, puberty girls in the first period is not visible to the eye and triggers start to work slowly.Changes occur rather than externally and internally.Starts growing uterus, ovaries, but before the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, of course, still far away.

During this period it is important to transform the psychological than physical.The main thing is to prepare the girl for her future role - the role of the feminine ladies, and, perhaps, the mo

ther of the family.Of course, such training is not conducted by a boring lecture about sexual development and the role of women in society.It is important to make it through the game, that is, in a playful way.Read the fairy tale girl and let her dream, to associate themselves with the princess, or encourage her interest in the life of my mother, for example, the selection of clothing, shoes and cosmetics.Girls, too, you can buy cosmetics.But, of course, a special nursery.Something like "Little Fairy" fortified with lip gloss.That is, it is necessary to introduce into the consciousness of the girl signs of gender roles.

next period characterizing puberty girls begin at the age of 10 years.More specifically with this age, and continues to 12-13 years.This is the slow, but nevertheless changes in appearance.Begin slightly increase breast cancer.Even if it looks like just an easy swelling, which is almost not noticeable to the eye but it is present.Increases and labia, hormonal changes.But the pubic hair and armpits do not appear.But puberty in girls this period are closely related to the growth.Unreasonably and disproportionately growing bones.Moreover, the speed of this process is different.First, rising limb and facial bones and then -tulovische.What happens because of this?Girl becomes similar to angular clumsy doll, figuratively speaking.Hence the expression about the ugly duckling.In addition, the skin becomes oily because of hormonal changes.The skin does not grow as fast as the limbs, therefore, to reduce the likelihood of skin cracks and stretch marks, actively begin to work the sebaceous glands, they make it greasy.On the one hand - it is good, because everything is thought by nature, but purely aesthetic does not look too attractive.In such cases it is better to handle the special skin creams and lotions for teenage skin, but not to wash with soap and water.

Please note that the sexual development of children - boys and girls - is uneven.Girls will add to growth, and the boys and remain stunted.But this is temporary.By the end of high school boys and girls are aligned, but if the girls after that almost do not grow, you boys, this process continues.Therefore, men are superior to women, and if you compare the graduates of 3-5 years, the difference in growth is already evident.

and third stages characterizing puberty girls - from 13 to 17 years.It was at this time come first monthly, actively growing breasts appear pubic hair and armpits.In fact, during this period the forming of a girl and it turns into a swan.It is estimated that by age 18 she reached sexual maturity and is ready for procreation.Therefore marriages are permitted from this age.