List of artists.

How many jobs there are in the world?Probably, nobody knows, although their extensive lists published in special directories.What are the profession?They are divided into economic and medical, scientific and military, technical and creative, and so on. D. The last are particularly popular today.

What creative profession?

There is no exact, recognized the dictionary definition.One can only say that the majority of these jobs are in the culture or art, require non-standard approach to problem solving to imply the presence of creative thinking and the ability to express their individuality.Of course, these qualities are not unique to the people of art, but that they must be shown to the maximum extent.The list of artists is constantly updated.In the past, it included artists, film directors, actors and so on. N. Today, the list is full of the names that a few years ago simply could not exist: it was not the right environment.DJ, makeup artist, breyder (hairdresser, creating hairstyles of braids, Brady), a web designer, rewriter, designers of different directions (eg, fuddizayner) - and that we have listed just a few of the types of employment that have emerged in the last decade.The list of artists is extremely wide.

What professions most creative?

There is hardly an answer to the above question.After each such expert creates something completely new at the same time expressing his view of the world.Nevertheless, the media are trying to create the ratings, trying to determine the most popular, most creative, most creative, and so on. D. Profession.So, according to RBC, last year's list of artists (the most popular), led by web designers.Next came the artists and animators, model, florists ... closes the "march" make-up artists and videographers, and the rating was just 20 positions.At the same time the drafters themselves say they found 640 artists who may eventually turn out to be on the list.Interestingly, the concept of "the most demanded creative profession" does not correspond to the notion of "the highest paid profession."Thus, in the ranking does not include such a degree as an architect, designer and colorist, even though people with such profile works receive the highest income from his work.The salary of the web designers in ratings does not take any space.

women's and men's work

Previously there were male and female professions.Echoes of these traditions can be heard in our time.So, a few years ago the vast majority of web designers, producers, architects were from males.But in beauty salons dominated by women.Today, such faces completely erased.There is a rating designed to identify the most creative professions for girls.List, as in the previous case, starting with a web designer.Girls can work models and architects, make-up artists and animators, designers and photographers.Restrictions on the floor does not exist here, but there are qualities that must have creatives.These include:

  • ability to think imaginatively;
  • subtle sense of taste and style;
  • bright, non-standard, well-developed imagination;
  • refined aesthetic sensitivity.

most attractive profession for creative women

popular in our country case studies show that most women are sure: it allows them to work at the same time to earn money and to express their sophisticated nature.These surveys suggest that in some Russian cities graduate schools are less likely to choose the technical and scientific specialties, giving preference profile associated with the work.Of course, not everyone wants to be an actress.The list of artists, compiled by the results of surveys of graduates show that many girls choose such specialties as an animator, decorator, stylist.Still popular dancer and model.However, choosing a specialty, such girls are well aware: the age model or dancer is short.Therefore, in parallel, they are trying to get the second specialty: learn from writers, leaders of art studios and clubs, culture, critics, film experts and designers.

problem of training creative professionals

Creativity, originality of thought, a certain proportion of egocentrism inherent in almost all creative people are often difficult training.There are several reasons.

1. Education of creative professions in Russia often associative.This means that the future expert teach logical thinking, purposeful activity, and skills necessary to work.But associative system can not develop the creativity, creativity, the ability to find a way out in an irregular situation and innovative approach to solving the issues and problems.

2. Often teachers have to overcome the lack of culture of applicants.In some circles, still there is a perception that the make-up artist, a singer, or a florist must perfectly know the basics of his skill and broad outlook for them is not required.Therefore, teachers are forced to literally force the students to read a lot, go to the theater and exhibitions, to explain why the success of any creative profession is directly dependent on the general culture and education.

3. Features of character, self-centeredness, the desire to be the best, and often the first to make it difficult to communicate.Of course, all these qualities are important, even mandatory for creative professions, but this does not mean that you should consider yourself a star, or even the center of the universe.

Caution creativity!

Statistics shows that about half of creative individuals 30 years of dedication to the disappointment gives way, causing people change their profession.Those who longed for self-realization, recognition, becoming administrators, accountants.Why is this happening?Looking through the list of artists and choosing the profession for himself, many people forget that the work is not subject to any regulations.The artist is not the weekend, the dancers are rarely leave the designer must work hard.A success to some extent depends on the case.Makeup artists designers and hundreds, but how many of them truly successful people?That's why choosing a profession, we must first think - and whether you have a vocation, are you able to purposefully move forward in spite of obstacles and setbacks?