Purple Lotus ("WoW"): where to find what it is

Herbalism - one of the main occupations, which can explore the character in World of Warcraft.Upon reaching 210 points of skill in front of the players raises the need for the production of fresh herbs: Purple Lotus, golden sansama and many others.If conventional herbs, things are more or less well, get a purple lotus is not so easy, because this plant is one of four subspecies of noble lotus, which grow only in places, filled with special energy.Soaking up information from the environment, they are able to give it miraculous compositions for the preparation of which they most often are looking for.

This handy lotus

humble and at the same time is very unusual in appearance purple lotus needs, first of all, alchemists and Inking.First with his help can cook very strong potion to protect the weld or elixirs.Can not do without it, and the characters who are learning tailoring.By the way, Purple Lotus "World of Warcraft" is still in high demand, despite the fact that the update 3.3.5, which was added to the plant, came out a few years ago.The fact that the players are still creating new characters that need to pump profession.Without such a valuable agent, pumping alchemy, tailor and style stall at around 210-250 points.That is why herbalists collect wonderful flower and sell it at auction for a lot of money.

What made from Purple Lotus

As mentioned above, belonging to the noble lotus flower is needed to create a variety of things.For example, tailors can make out of it a great bag to collect herbs alchemists - potions for protection against magic and potions to gain the ability to breathe underwater and the Sorcerer's Stone.Inscribers, grinding purple lotus, violet and ruby ​​get dyes from which they can make ink for the production of large and small characters.Those characters who learn Enchanting profession on items and weapons, using this kind of lotus as a main component for making plain or sparkling oil mana.

Where to collect

So, go to the main question of where to collect purple lotus.Of course, it grows not everywhere.Meet the thickets of this plant can be in Tanaris and glades of Stranglethorn, in the ruins of Dire Maul and Azshara.In addition, you can find a single plant in Zul'Gurub, Ferallase, internal and Badlands.It grows mostly near the trolls buildings destroyed by time.