Several reasons for deciding to throw out the sofa malogabaritki

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sofa often takes a good part of the living room, especially if the room is small.Today we'll show you how to do without this piece of furniture to make the space and stylish and functional.

Fashion trend

malogabaritok question to the owner of the free space in the apartment is always acute.As you know, the subject of the most traditional in the living room is a sofa.In some interiors, he even plays a key role.Often, it significantly reduces the area of ​​the room.

Today, designers are increasingly began to abandon the overall options and give preference to compact model, or offer alternatives.And this applies not only to small interior rooms or with non-standard layout, it looks stylish even in large rooms.

Sometimes you can not just do without the couch.Thanks to transformable furniture, there is no need to buy a variety of other interior items.

East interior

the East sofas do not use for centuries.Here prefer carpets and floor cushions.This technique can be extended to your interior.Create oriental atmosphere in a small living room is not difficult, most importantly, to work with flowers.

This interior requires the use of bright and saturated colors.Red, orange, brown, often form the basis of eastern spaces.In a small room it is desirable to use them fragmentary diluting light colors - white, beige, yellow and light green.

Poof - the irreplaceable assistant

possible to replace a sofa ottomans - one or more.Today, the furniture manufacturers offer poufs beds which, if necessary, steal every single thing.This piece of furniture is very mobile.It's easy to move, move around the room, hide, move to another room.Besides, ottomans can serve as accents, making them not only a functional piece of furniture, but also its stylish elements.

elegant ottoman

Ottoman lets you use one of the corners of the room, which is convenient for use in non-living, odnushku or studio apartment.It gives the interior elegance.Often complementary ottoman coffee table and armchairs "in tune."This allows you to put in the living room of friends, if there is a need and makes the space cozy.

Chairs: easier

Instead couch in the living room, you can put the chair.The classic version - two of the same color and shape.The modern and eclectic interiors meet a combination of models with differences in design.But they sure are united by one theme - for each other in color, upholstery materials, shape, or equally well with other items.

Less common in the interior of the living room one chair.It can also be supplemented by a pouf, floor cushions, coffee table.This option is suitable for those who do not like to host guests or the owner of a very small apartment.

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