Let's find out what the Grotto

In the world there are so many amazing places whose beauty is mesmerizing.For each person unique are various objects.Thus, some prefer seascapes, while others - the grandeur of the mountains, others need only be in the woods, to reconnect with nature and feel happy.A truly unique place and is considered to be a grotto - cave, which has its own peculiarities and secrets.

Feature cave

In nature, the cave - a cavity in the upper crust, which has one or more openings.Once upon a time for people such unique gifts of nature were havens.Today the cave is visited during the tour, or a person can rarely come across them in the wild.Many people wonder what the grotto.In fact, this is also the cave, but there is one important difference - it is shallow.In addition, the grotto has a wide entrance, a vaulted ceiling and, as a rule, similar to the inside of a large and spacious room.

Features grotto

Before the formation of the cave sure there are some events that are the cause of the grottoes.The latter may occur as a result of erosion.When surface water erosion formed recess with a narrow passage and a wide audience inside.As a rule, the caves can be found around the seas and rivers.Surf Coast - the main cause of their formation.

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Especially interesting is the question of what is the grotto, tourists who often meet with the creations of nature.So, in the wilderness can be found a small cave, which was formed under the influence of wind erosion.As for the origin of karst caves, this relic of the recess.They occur on the basis of the once huge and massive caves that collapsed, and small fragments remained, forming a unique grotto.It can be found near the rocks or in limestone cliffs.In karst caves you can find the source, consisting of flowing streams.

cave grotto

to get to know what the Grotto, is worth a visit the valley near the river Salgir (the Crimea).There is a unique cave Chokurcha which rightly has been called the most ancient dwellings in the whole of Europe.During the Soviet era in the grotto were found skeletons of Neanderthal and mammoth bones.In addition, there are the remains of ancient animals such as rhinoceros, cave bear, giant deer and wild horse.At a depth of fifteen stretches grotto.Photos of the cave now a real rarity, but unique images show how ancient are the walls and the surrounding elements.

Also interesting are the rock paintings, among which you can often find an image of the sun, fish and mammoths.In the mid-nineteenth century, the grotto was awarded the status of natural monument, which reaches the world level.By the deepest regret, today it is impossible to visit the cave Chokurcha as its condition is poor and dangerous to human life.Even grotto and abandoned, still remember everything about it and dream of visiting at his gate.

Grotto - part of the cave

to immediately determine what the Grotto, we need only look in the cave.It can be easily recognized by the precipitous descent.Since grotto susceptible to erosion, as it often is destroyed with water, the rock is gradually crumbling.Fallen to the ground of the dissolved or entrained flow.This results in a void.

Often you can find park facilities that artificially close to the natural grotto.For the first time dared to imitate the Italians cave, using it in the garden and park area.And it's really just decoration landscape!