How to use lemons for weight loss?

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about various healing properties of lemon people know a long time ago.But the fact that the fruit is an important component of weight loss, not everyone knows.And only recently the product was isolated by nutritionists in the category of products that contribute to weight loss.

lemon diet perfectly relieve the human body of toxins and impurities, or rather, do not diet, namely lemons for weight loss, because it's just a unique fruit!It is a natural source of citric acid, which helps to digest a heavy meal the stomach, break down the harmful fats in the body and eliminates the feeling of hunger for long.Finally, citric acid helps improve the secretion of gastric juice, and it affects a rapid and complete digestion.It also helps to absorb everything you need to burn fat faster.Together with the lemon into the body in large quantities and also receives vitamin C, so necessary in times of acute shortage of vitamins (winter, during the illness, under certain diets).

talk more about how the lemons can be used for weight loss.

1. Losing weight with water with lemon juice

most striking - that with this diet, eating lemons for weight loss, do not need to give up their favorite dishes, well, except that only on the most harmful of them, since the mainthe principle of the diet - not limiting the body from food (after having a meal in the body receives not only the extra kilos and harmful calories but vitamins and minerals), and the simple addition of water and lemon juice to the food consumed.

What is the diet?Daily diet should be added to a glass of water with the juice of 1 lemon th.Therefore, the first day of the diet you need to add 1 cup of juice, the second - 2 cups, but with the juice of two lemons, etc.

It is important to drink vodichku juice in the morning before a meal, as this is what helps rid the body of harmful substances for him, but if you can not drink the right amount (for example, 5 glasses on day 5)You do not need to force yourself, drink as much as you can, then you can drink up the rest during the day.

aware that water is better to heat to room temperature because cold slows down the digestive process.After making the drink you need to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth, so as not to damage the enamel of the teeth, as though dealing with a lemon, but still acid.

the seventh day of the diet, it is desirable to arrange a fasting day, that is,no food, only the juice of 3 lemons 3 liters of water (with a spoon of honey).Drink it should be during the day.

On the eighth day begins the reverse order of diet, t. E. A decrease in fluid volume with 6 cups of water with lemon juice to 1 cup.On the fourteenth day (last) need to repeat the seventh day of the diet.

After such a diet follow the advice - do not need to rub on food.The following 2 days after the diet should eat in moderation, eat oatmeal in the morning is better, and you should try not to eat after 6 o'clock in the evening, as the period of diet stomach slightly reduced in volume.

best to consult before starting a diet doctor.

With this diet you to exchange substances, and this is very important for weight loss.

2. tea with lemon for weight loss

With all the diet experts advise drinking plenty of fluids, is very useful in this case green tea.Add the lemon - it will improve the taste and enhance the effect.Besides, it is proved that the lemon many times increases the usefulness of tea to which it is applied, in particular, increases the effect of antioxidants and catechins present in tea.

Lemons diet is better to use green tea without sugar.You can add a spoonful of honey.This combination prevents degradation cells your intestines, thereby improving its performance.After you drink tea, you need to eat as a lemon, better skin becauseit contains many useful substances.

For daily drinking tea with lemon will be in the form, as well as stimulate the digestive system, metabolic processes.

Just do not think that the use of only one of tea with lemon is for you to solve all problems.Washed down with them cakes and pastries or sitting on the couch, no one has extra weight lost.Therefore, this tea can be an additional tool for weight loss, which is only in combination with exercise and proper nutrition will lead the body into a form, which you have long dreamed of.

3. Losing weight with the help of essential oils of lemon

more than a millennium known to mankind the power of aromatherapy heals.Today, aromatherapy is experiencing a rebirth.Popularity acquire more slimming essential oils.One of their effects - the normalization of metabolism in the body, plus the weakening of the feeling of hunger.Just such an effect, and has lemon aroma oils.Smell, of course, can not be fully satisfy your hunger, but saturation occurs much faster if inhaled before meals a few minutes an excellent citrus aroma of lemon essential oil.

even greater effect occurs if the alternate fragrance oils: lemon, anise, lemon, rosemary;lemon, apple and others. It is important to remember that inhaling essential oils is necessary to reduce appetite and does not replace the regular meal of flavor.

4. Losing weight with the help of a lemon and chamomile

The use of chamomile broth with lemon causes your intestines to normal, has a choleretic and laxative effects, therefore, thanks to toxins, toxins, normalizes metabolism,and enriched with vitamin C helps the body maintain and restore metabolism.This broth can be used in combination with other diets.The broth should be taken before meals three times a day ½ cup.To prepare a teaspoon of chamomile pour with 2-3 slices of lemon cup of boiling water in the evening, wrapped up in the morning and leave to infuse, then strain and is taken orally.

The beneficial qualities of lemon for weight loss can talk a lot, but if you really want to lose weight and keep the result for a long time, it is necessary, moreover, to eat and to exercise.

Be patience and perseverance, you all must succeed!