How to choose a speaker for the computer

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At the moment everyone has a computer at home.This electronic machine come into the life of modern man and now it has become an indispensable attribute.Day after day, it can help millions listen to music, watch movies and videos, play various games.But all this is impossible without a device that can produce sounds.Thus, for the computer speakers are virtually indispensable element.

Realizing the importance of this device, in most cases, manufacturers include a column for the computer in the list of equipment goods for sale.But, as a rule, these speakers are not designed to reproduce sound at a decent level.Such devices can perfectly cope when simply listening to music enough, but if the consumer intends to further not only enjoy your favorite tracks and watch a film in the works of good quality, it is appropriate to buy more powerful speakers for your computer.For example, 5.1 speakers, excellent representatives of which are products of the company SVEN, which can be purchased for around 100 $ (SVEN HT-435R, SVEN MS-440), and 2.0 and 2.1 and all of the 40 $ (SVEN MS-303, SVEN MS-304 DUO).Also, quite a large popular manufacturer Genius.Its systems have quality at a decent level, and have a relatively low price, for example, a good 5.1 system can be purchased for 60 $ (SW-N5.1 1000, SW-5.1 1010 Black, Black and others 1505).

As a rule, any person tries to buy as much as possible to get a quality product, but wants its cost was not exorbitant.Sets the speakers to the computer also requires additional knowledge.By purchasing the device sound, you should pay attention to the fact that it has a relatively small size and isolated magnetic field.It is also necessary to consider the compatibility of a specific sound card and the corresponding connectors.

One of the main factors of getting a good sound is the type to which the column belongs to a computer.It can be active or passive device.Maintenance only difference is that the former have a built-in amplifier, which is absent in the second.This explains the low cost of passive speakers.But if you want to get quality and loud sound, it is better to give preference to the active columns of type, because the amplifier present in the sound card, as a rule, calculated on the headphones and not be able to help.

Housing material columns, strangely enough, has a fairly significant impact on the ability of the acoustic device.Made of plastic products can certainly be attractive, interesting look with not the most expensive, but this choice only disappoint.The beauty of such columns distracts from the poor quality of sound reproduction.It is best to opt for a body made of particleboard or fiberboard.You should also make sure that the housing is completely sealed, it should not be unnecessary holes.Near the front speaker bass reflex may be intended for the qualitative reproduction of low frequencies.

Important speaker parameters - frequency, power and sensitivity.Many people mistakenly believe that the volume depends on the power.But this is absolutely not true, because it depends on the sensitivity.Typically, computer speakers quite 85 dB.Power also affect the reliability of the audio system in mechanical terms.

most important criterion when choosing speakers for your computer is their compatibility with a sound card.Always make sure that the selected model will work seamlessly with a specific device.To achieve high-quality sound is to be understood that expensive sound card combined with cheap speakers will not work well, and vice versa, for a very simple sound card will not work, even the most expensive speakers.

useful additions, which in principle are not binding, are derived on the front panel volume control and a headphone jack and a remote control and a desk.