Why Ukraine was named Ukraine?

why Ukraine was named Ukraine?The name of this country first heard in the last quarter of the twelfth century.The first time it was mentioned in the historical opus "The Tale of Bygone Years", where the author tells the story of the death of Prince Vladimir Pereyaslav Glebovich in 1187.It says, "I cried all Pereyaslavets him ... For him, Ukraine greatly grieve."This work revealed the concept of "Ukraine", the history and development of the country's name.Two years later, in the 118-meters, it has been said about Prince Rostislav, who paid a visit "to Ukraine Galicia."

question about Ukraine

why Ukraine was named Ukraine?This question has long been interested in academics, but certainly no answer to it today.Some researchers have explained the origin of the word "edge" - a very Distance from the downtown area a piece, Outskirts, at the edge - border area.In other words - the land, the designation of Krajina in his native land, congenial country native land.Origin of the name Ukraine has different roots.

Here is another view - Ukraine, like, comes from the word "ukrayat" (cut).In other words, the meaning of the name of Ukraine, as a state - a piece of land, ukrayany (cut) from the whole, which soon became a solid (free country).

There are different versions.Origin of the name associated with sayings Ukraine: Region, Krajina (the country).Although there is no apparent connection.When the name of Ukraine?There are different thoughts.As scientists studied the origin of the name - is unknown, but the process of the emergence of the concept "Ukraine" has been a long time-and had several stages.

Edge instead outskirts

word "edge" by value "segment, a piece of land," known since the days of the Old Slavonic language.Today, this word exists in many Slavic languages, because the Slavic tribes have always had a land that separates the natural borders - river, forest, marsh.Because this word was the importance - the extreme part of the territory, the beginning or end of the earth.

went from the name of Ukraine, is very interesting.In the period of the Old Slavonic word born Krajina (country) in the value - the territory that belongs to the tribe.Next to the word "edge" in the Old Slavonic language existed the word "stolen", which means - cut from a piece, a remote piece of land, the extreme frontier remote part of the territory of the tribe.


And yet why Ukraine was named Ukraine?The question is very interesting.It was only later among the eastern Slavs by saying "stolen" by the suffix -in Ukraine appeared the word that mattered - a remote piece of land, remote areas of the tribe.In VI-VIII century, during the time of Russ Powers content of the words "Krajina", and Ukraine has changed.Yet why Ukraine was named Ukraine?The word "Krajina" by value - the land of the tribe, soon began to mean - the land of the feudal principalities, and then - the land of Rus.Therefore, it changed the designation of the word and Ukraine: the place of entry - distal part of the land of the tribe, it's value - contiguous part of the land of the feudal principalities, and then - part of the land of Rus.


In feudal times of Kievan Rus, when it began to disconnect from the principality, the word "Ukraine" has come to mean "principality".Let's look at all the same, from which came the name of Ukraine.Scientists have a different perception of the word Ukraine: Kiev as the border with the land territory of Pereiaslav land, nicknamed Ukraine because it bordered on the Polovtsian land;like Russia in the style of the existing separate principalities;as the whole entire Kievan Rus.But, most likely, the chronicler called Ukraine only Pereyaslavskaya ground.Just do not because it was on the border with the Polovtsian steppe, and because of that there was a separate principality, a separate country (Krajina).

Ukraine - a country

Country name Ukraine, that the country appeared at the time.And then, in addition to Pereyaslavska Ukraine Ukraine were different from existing principalities and other independent Ukraine.Ukraine here in the sense of the country - Pereyaslavskaya country Kiev country and so on.

It is known in the annals, where it is said that "Prince Rostislav pay a visit to Ukraine, Galicia and from there went to Galich."That the word "Ukraine" mean individual countries, a separate principality, very well seen from contemporary descriptions.

History of Ukraine said that along with the word "Ukraine" has lived and the word "suburb" - border of the land of the tribe.These words did not mean the same thing, but different in meaning: "Ukraine" (Name of State) - is a small part of the land of the tribe, "suburbs" - the land border of the tribe, and then the feudal principality.

Lithuania and Poland

Since the half of the XIV century, a lot of the principalities of Kievan Rus, of which later formed the Ukrainian people fell under the possession of Poland and Lithuania.Since then, Ukraine has become the name applied to the territories fallen under this authority.Under Lithuania were Chernihiv, Kyiv, Pereiaslav and most of Volyn principality, and called all Lithuania Ukraine and Poland were under Galich, Volyn and part of the land known as the Polish Ukraine.

With the advent of the Cossacks Dnieper land became known as the Cossack Ukraine.History of Ukraine about it recalls the songs - "oh the mountains, the valleys, on the Cossack Ukraine ..."


during hostilities Ukrainians against the Poles under the leadership of Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1648-1654) called UkraineZaporozhye not only land but also all the Dnieper.Most likely, from this moment Ukraine began to call the whole country.Later the name spread to the East Slavic lands, as well as in Slobozhanschyna that little time was called Sloboda Ukraine.A western lands for a long time were called Rus, but soon the name of Ukraine became native to all residents of the state of ethnic Ukrainians.History


Ukraine - where the name originates it?The initial geographical concept Ukraine eventually became a national idea, which combined together such lands as Polesje Sivershchyna, Sloboda, Donbass, the Black Sea region, Volyn, Podolia, Bukovina, the Carpathian and Transcarpathia.

Therefore, the Ukrainians was very important that the word "Ukraine" is the name of the country, established by Bohdan Khmelnytsky.Certainly, neither of which the outskirts of the Russian Empire, it was not.If the margin, then most, the outskirts of the Slavic tribes.For the eastern Slavs occupied just the extreme land of the Slavs.So, if you count the outskirts of the Ukraine, the margin of the Slavic nation.


history ... The word we hear every day, but do not reflect on his gravitas.As a result of the fact that Ukraine gained independence, Ukrainians have become interested in the history of his people.After all, only knowledge of the past will give an opportunity to understand the present and build a bright future.An important role in the knowledge of its history, played a memo saved.And to keep the historical memory of the people for generations to come and study it are called museums.

history of Ukraine and the people that inhabit this territory, is rooted in distant times.Parking very first people were seen on the territory of an independent Ukraine, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, in the early Paleolithic.Man otvoёvyval from nature these territories and natural resources of the subsoil.From primitive forms of collecting, hunting and fishing, he moved to employment in agriculture and animal husbandry.A very important mark in the difficult history of Ukraine representatives left Tripoli culture in IV-III century BC.Trypillia were the representatives of the civilized human race in the Neolithic period.They are mostly engaged in agriculture, pottery and construction.As a result of the expansion of the nomads and the colder climate, this culture gradually disappeared.Then on Ukrainian territory is inhabited and Sarmatians, and kemmeriytsy and Scythians.A very large impact on the peoples that inhabited the vast expanses of Ukraine, had Greek nationality.

Eastern Slavs

roots of the eastern Slavs today not really understood.Predslavyansky period is associated with the emergence on the right bank forest-steppe Dnieper Zarubintsy culture, which is common for all the Slavs.For the first time the Slavs in the works of Tacitus remembered, Ptolemy called "Wends".They lived in the Baltic Sea.Then, in the middle of I millennium BC from wends divided into two groups of Slavs - Antes and sklaviany.Anta inhabited territory from the Danube to the Sea of ​​Azov and reached the eastern branch of the Slavs.They are mostly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.They traded with cities Northern Black Sea powers and Arab countries.The political structure of the country was democratic.Prince to lead the country and elders.But it is very important for the country decided the Chamber - the National Assembly.

Since the VII century, there has memories about the Slavs.Early Slavs settled mainly on the banks of rivers and lakes.Their huts were made of wood and clay.The device was a tribal political fret.Land owned mostly large genus - patriarchal association of blood line.Public mood early Slavs characterized by the transition from the primitive to the military-tribal.Then, the power is transmitted by inheritance.The life and work of the Eastern Slavs have always been closely connected with nature and family.This laid the foundation of culture of the Slavs.

Culture Popular culture in the tradition of the Ukrainian people played a role.In the old days, when the peak of feudal society has adopted Catholicism and European culture, and the top has become Russified Cossack, Ukrainian community developed without a national cultural elite.And only the masses were carrying culture, which in those days was a national.The main place in the culture conceived folklore, folk tradition and it flavor.All this is very clearly to be seen in the folk songs, ballads.Thanks to the people, it was possible lifting of Ukrainian culture in the XVI-XVII century and a revival in the XIX century.

Many talented Ukrainians contributed to the Polish, Russian, world culture in general.So it is possible thanks to a distinctive educational system, due to which the population was generally literate.And also became a huge role in Ukraine-Russia as a center of Christianity among the Eastern Slavs.The higher education system has been especially developed.Ukrainian culture has been open to the world, it was no xenophobia and present humanism.A huge contribution to world heritage was made by such philosophers, poets and personalities as pan, Prokopovich, Kulish, Shevchenko and many others.

In other European countries the problems of poverty, disease, illiteracy would be overcome with technical progress, with the help of contributions monarchs.And in Ukraine, called for self-knowledge and freedom, for which you can leave the well-being emerged to the forefront of the spiritual life.Today such ways are of great importance for humanity.So even though when there was the name of Ukraine, as though no one can say, but the fact that it was an important moment for the entire vast nation - we can assert with confidence.